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Welcome to the Praising Life Project

It's really hard for anyone to stay positive all the time. I definitely agree with that.

However, when things go wrong, it's so easy to forget how much you've been blessed. It's amazing that we have the internet, people who care, and hope...

Although there is a lot of bad in this world, there is also beautiful joy and countless things to appreciate. :love:

And that makes me praise life.
The memories, the laughter, the joy, the hugs through hard times.

In this life, we only have one chance! I think one of our life purposes is to spread love throughout this world and leave it in better shape than before we were here. 

It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! (:+fav: & Comment!) 

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I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can. 

At the end of this year, 2014, 10 calenders and 16 three month PMs will be given away to randomly selected participants of the project!

The calenders to remind you of how special every day is, and PMs because sadly the notebooks are no longer available. 
However, the points cost of this project's completion is around: 30,176 points.

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Thank you for contributing!

Metapham "I completely agree. Sometimes life can be challenging, but if a life lived without challenges, what is the value to life? We are given this life for a reason, in which we live a life full of meaning, live life for the moments, live life of no regrets. It all depends on perspective. "

Sebby1992 "Even though life for me is hard, and I do struggle with wanting to die at the moment. I oddly get what your saying, even thought all this crap I refuse to off myself. I only have one life to live. It gets better, and the pain is only there so you can see the good. I just need to remember that. Thanks for making my day better <3"

DeviousWitch "Very, very well said, i totally agree!

I find it quite stupid that people nowadays, especially young ones, always say "life sucks, i wanna die" and they actually have really good lives. Of course, we all have our problems, but come on.. Like, one friend from my school, she always overracts and looks very negatively on things. And she actually has a great life, big, caring family and she's good at school, no bigger problems. But she thinks so negatively on things, like her life sucks, even though i tried to tell her many times that she should always look for something positive, but she never listens. She thinks that thinking positively is like being naive, but that's not true. And nothing will get better by being negative.
I think life has been given to us so we can enjoy in it, live on this beautiful planet and cherish things. Too bad some people make life so complicated, when it can be so simple."

Dicex012 "Yay for life! :D :

BloodBeatnJustice "I agree 100%. Life is what u make it & u only live once!"

metallurgicalmonster :nod:

WestlyLaFleur "to quote House M.D. "that's the thing about life: it has qualities"."

Hurricaneclaw " :la: I agree! Sometimes people are to caught up on the negative aspects of life, and never stop to think about how lucky they are, even if it's the little things. :3 "

hefeigal "I agree! Life isn't gonna last forever! My motto is to live life as if it's your last day, because you never know when it all could be taken away!"

blackbook668 "There are some good bits in life which make you go "Yup, that's nice. I like now.""

Venneta "Thank you very much for reminding us .. of this beautiful truth :') "

taibossigai "When things get tough, always remember to take it on bit by bit. You can't do everything all at once, but if you tackle your problem(s) one by one, eventually things will get better.

And when things get really tough....find a way to laugh."

SingingFlames "I first heard this in Kung Fu Panda, and I just love this quote: "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present." Life is precious! Enjoy every moment. "

1w1w Each day of life is like a chapter of a story, filled with drama, happyness, sorrow, and many emotions. These expierences make us a better person, for we learn to see both the brutality yet beauty life presents us with. We also learn that life will throw both good and bad days. Yet we keep plowing through, as life is not gonna stop for us nor are we gonna stop for life. There have been days were things kept getting worse and worse, and I just wanted to end it all right there and then, but I realize that was not me thinking, I would say to myself this is a lesson that I need to learn from. We keep plowing through life, learning along the way.

LittleOvertures "This is amazing! And for anyone reading this- keep holding on, no matter how hard your life is at the moment. There's always a better day, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr-Aim "Life is extraordinary, but we forget that because most people happen to live, right ?
praise life, you need everything in it, the bad and good !"

Bumsy One day life will cease to be when the sun burns out and the universe is plunged into a deep freeze.

But on the bright side no life = no suffering."

SeedofSmiley "I look at people this way, they all have the ability to be nice or bad, what they choose and what they do with it their choice. So, I try not to hate anyone because its not going to do anyone any good. Personally I am feeling really good at this point in my life and love my life that I am living. Hope youre loving yours too"

Cirprius "I agree. Life is amazing, and an adventure through its ups and downs. Being born, is the best thing that ever happened to me"

kinzerkinz ":heart: here! Here! :heart:

Quezecotyl "Yes! Even though I can be seen as overly optimistic, there are those days when I can't even smile. But I agree, we just have to remember in those moments that without moments of despair there, moments of happiness and joy wouldn't really exist. And that those rainy days won't be forever. Live to make more and more great and nostalgic memories. Besides, laughing is so much fun! I love life and I hope for many years ahead. :boogie:"

Rawliett "I absolutely love this! dA and the world could use more positiveness to fight against the negative. I personally love and cherish ever second of life I have because I never know when it's going to end. Life if beautiful, even the hardships we face day to day.

The fleeting time is cruel; it is so easy to get left behind in the dark. Yet, it is such a wonderful thing because when you cannot find the light…it continues on to give you time and opportunities to find it. Though most people don't realize this or aren't sure of how to catch up. Not to mention (in the theme of keeping up with things), we must learn to pace ourselves in the present for it has not yet finished teaching us what we will need to know for the obstacles that lie in the path ahead. Those obstacles try to break us down but we can overcome them and become even stronger. Life is all about faith and courage. Humans need to know how to believe in something they cannot see to give them something to live for and these things we find faith in are often times very positive things.

Also, so many people think that you need to be strong to be "one of the best" and always happy. However, it is not brute strength that gets anybody anywhere. It's the courage in our hearts that gives us an unstoppable force that allows us to be everything we hold inside.

Life passes by in the blink of an eye. Every now and again it seems to move in slow motion, though in reality it's moving at the speed of light. Take hold of what you have today and enjoy everything about it, for you never can be certain what tomorrow will greet you with. It can either be positive or negative, for each day is what YOU decide.

Thank you :heart:

Farand "Simone de Beauvoir: 'In fact, even when he claims that it is not so, no man wishes himself other than he is, since for all living persons being means making oneself be.'

And again: 'The secret of happiness is to live like everyone else while being like no other.'"

Riemea "Live is a valuable thing. Not everyone is allowed to live their life the way they want, spending it with doing things they love. Not everyone has the opportunity, not everyone can afford it. We should keep that in mind, and cherish every day, because no matter how you live your life, it will end one day for sure. Whether that's tomorrow or in 50 years is not something we can foresee. But we can try to just live to the best of our ability so that when the time comes, we can proudly say: "I regret nothing."

lolbyefam "I'll admit that life really seems to suck sometimes, but I'll also say that each day is a new day. Whatever sucked is in the past. Don't let your past dictate your future. <3"

TheArtistyk "Life does get difficult sometimes. But it's so precious and we're so blessed to be living in a world for all those who strive to do good and hopefully, with positivity, we can ease the burden life gives us sometimes. "

PizzaPotatoNBacon "Ehem.

'Stay strong and nothing will go wrong.' - My quote, don't you forget it! EVER!

You know, for the past 2 months, I confess, my life was a dump since two of my uncles called me things I wish they didn't call me. (Dumb and crazy) I was always miserable. But you know what? I had friends. Friends from across the world, friends who didn't see me because I stayed home due to depression. Let me tell you something: It's okay if you're at the bottom most part of your life, but that won't kill you because you're a soul. Nothing can destroy a soul except sin. If nothing goes your way, keep trucking on. Heck, if I was so depressed, why didn't I commit suicide?

Because even though I was at my lowest point, I still had a tiny bit of spirit left in me.

I am different. I don't care how I look. Most girls my age do, but here I am, caring only for what I love, Art.
That's another thing. Art. No matter how low my life is, it will always be with me. And admittedly, technology is a big part of it too. Now look at me, one day at a time, trying to get back to the prestigious school that loved me, just because I got the highest score ever in the records of their entrance exam. (It is the truth, believe me)

They didn't give up on me. My immediate and maternal families didn't give up on me. So I won't give up either.

You see, before all this, life was already hard. I was mistreated by my previous classmates in my previous school. The teachers were fine, but sadly they weren't enough to protect me from my classmates. The friends I had were lowerclassmen, and thanks to them, I wasn't lonely. At home my mom would have troubles with my dad's family. And sometimes, my dad too. The time came when I had to go to a prestigious school that only accepted students with high grades. Oh, did I mention the education was free since it is run by the government? My classmates loved me. I was so... unused to it. You have to admit, I did feel like my personal space was broken, but I was loved. But even that wasn't enough. It was, and still is, a high class school. The teachers weren't aware of my ADHD. It was hard, and I needed my free time. Soon, I cracked down and started staying home. Not only because of the schoolwork, but because of a fear that my classmates will hate me for skipping school. All of this led to my uncles' erm... remarks. Now that's when I really hit rock-bottom. Everyone in my family who cared tried to console me. But to no avail. This went on for a month or two, then my mom tried to talk with my school. They didn't want me to go. I had been the topnotcher in the entrance exams(another reason why my classmates love me) and apparently, I held the highest record among all entrance exams. (I'm not bragging. That's what they said.) They still kept me, but alas, they couldn't do it forever. It took a long time before finally, I was given an ultimatum. I was gonna go to school or drop out. Ka-boom. I swore that day I either had to dress up to talk things with the school, or I was gonna lay there on my bed and cry. Well, for a minute, I did. But something sparked in me. I started to tell my sis to tell my mom to help me get by. I was gonna face this. And I did. At first I was nervous, then my mom told me we were gonna take it, one day at a time. I couldn't go to classes immediately, though, I was too afraid. (And I became afraid of strangers thanks to my isolation combined with the fact I didn't like going out of the house in the first place.) I had missed a whole semester. I was scared my grades would drop. But no. My teachers wanted me here, because they believed in me. So, they happily allowed me to take classes in the office, which should start this November 5. They gave me modules for the second semester so I can catch up at home, since I can't go back now that it's the end of the semester. I am still catching up now. I am reading these modules everyday, in my room. And when November 5 comes, I'll go and start studying in the office of my school. And after that, when I'm ready, I'll go back to my classroom with my classmates. Here I am now, typing unto this hooked up keyboard since I destroyed my laptop's keyboard. (Don't ask.) Here I am, telling you my story.

They really wanted me. They really did. They touched my heart and taught me that I can be loved too.

I play video games. Why? Because I want to be a hero, that's why. Every hero has their hardships. Like it was for me. Their hardships are tougher than most, and when you look at mine, it's not hard to say I am among those who have lived a tough life. But those who get up, show the world what they're made of, now that's when they start walking a hero's path.

Being a hero means you do something for the world. In little ways or big. Being a hero means you appreciate life and those who feel like throwing it away.

This is why I'm here. Why I'm not dead. I'm gonna be a hero.

I'm gonna praise life and inspire others.

I hope you read my story well. Let it inspire you. Let it give you hope as it did me.

Life is a wonderful thing. Go miles with your talent before it's over.
As of January 11,2013, Philippine Standard Time, I am struggling, but very happy. I technically am not going to school anymore until next year, but I am not a drop out because I shall be home schooled. It may seem like I've given up, or I've failed, but really, I've succeeded in living and being happy. I may be called a failure sometimes, but I continue knowing that life is still good.
I have too many dreams to kill, too many hopes to lose. So I'll keep moving forward. I'm not dead yet XD because life is just too good even though it seems too bad."

worshipthesquid "Glad to see it's not just me! ^^ So much of life depends on how we perceive it. Why not try and see things for the miracles they are?
You don't need religion to appreciate the beauty in everything :D"

Lintu47 "I will share my story with you so you can see that even if bad things happen to you, you can't just stop living.

So, my depressions started when i was about 13yrs old and continued for years, time in which i had to deal not only with them, but also with failure, disappointment, a rape and the fear of cancer. They all piled up at about 17 when i started harming myself, not to gain attention, but to relieve the pain inside. It took me a great deal of effort to put up a normal mask for those around me. I didn't trust people around me enough to talk about my problems, so i started drinking and somehow it made things bearable for a while.

But when i reached 18 i realized i was on my way to self destruction and i said "stop". I just erased everything from my mind and started living again. But the bad things in my life didn't end here, recently due to a family problem i fell into a depression so deep i couldn't even move from my bed. I found a new way to deal with my emotional pain: food. After 2 months i decided i needed help. After 2 psychiatrists, 1 psychologist, a 6 month tough treatment that initially turned me into a vegetable and a fight against my new gained weight, i am ok again.

I am not weak, and no one thought i was; everyone understood that what i suffered from was real condition and no one blamed me for going to specialists. From my point of view, it takes a strong person to admit that they need help. When i look back i don't regret having to go through all those dark times, because they made me who i am today, they gave me a better understanding of the world and also, most important, it made me realize what really matters in life.

Just because some jerks have wronged you and made you suffer doesn't mean all people are the same. Just because one of my ex bfs raped me doesn't mean that all will do the same, in fact, my boyfriend (and future fiance) is my ray of sunshine everyday; just because my father left my family doesn't mean i should live in fear that all the men in my life will abandon me at some point.

NO! It just means that somehow, this was supposed to happen so you can become the person you are now. For me, all that has happened so far in my life means a lot, not only because it caused me a great deal of pain - i'm over that now, but because it opened new paths for me, it made me grow up and it made me truly appreciate life and people that make it worth living.

My point is, cherish life, even if you feel down; no matter how bad is the situation you are in, there's always a way out of it. And don't be afraid to talk about your problems. Stay positive

I :heart: you by Lintu47"

FabulousLittleFlower "This is AWESOME!"

mangasockattack"When life gets tough, when life seems hopeless, like the bad parts will never end, just look up and smile. There is a peak to EVERY mountain, and you will fine yours!

A friend of mine made this:
Interplay of Life by JoJoesArt
( you should add it!)


ValaSedai "Life has been quite tough for me over the last few years with a few particularly bad moments and I still have times when I feel pretty down and demotivated frequently but whenever I go outside to a nearby park or even when I just simply open my window and the fresh cold air hits my face and I breathe in all the wonderful scents in the fresh air I remember why I live and why I love life. Nature in all its beauty, with all the fantastic moments it grants me, the freedom it makes me experience, with all the inspiration I can draw from it is most definitely one of the best reasons to be alive."

PzychoStock " Do Smile by Pzychonoir"

wdnest "Wonderful - If we could only live to 1000."

:devassaveraveta: "Whenever you're feeling down,you should always think of something positive,change your mood - and you will see how your situation will change for the better~ <3"

x-VivaerethAlonia-x "Don't rush through life, or you'll find yourself passing by the most beautiful moments."

8-BitQuilter :)" Life is an amazing gift, not one that should be squandered or destroyed. Many people are unhappy with their own lifestyles, and fail to realize the joy of just being alive. :D God gave us life, and we shouldn't waste it. We should respect it."
Kleyntjie  "Happiness is an inside job, though don't be afraid to let some outside help in. :hooray::hug:"
Mommy-of-Ein  "Life is worth living, even if its just the little things that make you stop and smile."

Nameda "I was thinking on the saying which is known to most Kung Fu Panda though Its only a shortened version of the saying which I know for a decade by Alice Morse Earle from 1902 though its origins are said to pre-date way earlier

"The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."
Another favourite one is A day without a smile is a lost day by Charlie Chaplin.

And the 4 letter code IDIC from ST Infinite diversity in infinite combination which equals tolerance (in my opinion)

and last but not least froG... nope not the animal but the abbreviation of fully rely on God, ... something which is often really really hard to do. specially if life it throwing lemons at you... and worse"

SongOfLives "Be someone who could change the world one person at time....starting with yourself."

Royal-Demon "Last year, I had probably the hardest time of my short teenage-life. No friends and my family made a big fuss about me being an atheist and wanting to quit my confirmation.
But instead of thinking that it would have been better if those things never happend, they play an important role in my life. Even if this might sound a little bit cheesy, it made me stronger and independent. Those 'traumas' (if you want to call it like that) made me how I am today. Without those experiences, maybe I would be the same insecure, annoyig brat I was before.:laughing:

I learned to accept - no, to LOVE myself for who I am.

And no matter how bad your current situation looks like, how unfair other people are to you, as long as you love yourself, you can share this love and receive even more!"

 SamanthaJordaan  "Life is such a big word to me. It seems long. I live one day at a time. I actually only have a moment at a time. So I take each moment and look for the gift in it. It makes me grateful. Even if the moment is a challenge it makes me think creatively and overcome by facing it. Or if the moment is painful it will pass and i wont get stuck there. Things do not stay the same even if it feels like it in the moment. Thoughts have space and though someone may hold me down and constrict me they cannot hold my thoughts ,the mind has space like infinity. I don't have a drawing at the moment on this but I will work on it."

sarahmanes "Life, it's that one unique gift that isn't worth giving up.
Even if it gets old, or even if it breaks, even if you let it fall, even if it's tattered and broken.
That just means you're collecting scars and battle wounds as memories.
As something you could retell to people who would actually care to listen.

"Sometimes life can bring you down, but you get up with a helping hand and a big, strong heart."

TildsArt "We ARE life, and life is everything of sure and beautiful we have.
Everyone has his dark moments but that's what make us appreciate life even more. I'm in the process of recovering from depression and I've learnt a lot from it, first of all to love MY life, and everyone else's. To do the best for it and to make the change. If we smile at life, life will smile at us!"

w3ndijane "Love, Empathy, Compassion, is needed . To try to reach out to others. It is so simple yet people find that so hard to understand
!We are one!

travelgirlxx Sometimes, (read: daily) we just need to dance. Preferably outdoors, beneath the sun or moon, kissed by light."

astarayel "One of my favorite quotes, by the poet Khalil Gibran, says "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." The challenges we experience and the way we use those challenges to grow shape and define who we become. Because we cannot know the struggles that others face, it's indescribably important to offer to those around us kindness, compassion, understanding, and support. Life, even a life filled with hardship, is a beautiful journey if we choose to make it so."

Yumikio-Natsuki-Yoko"That is just so beautiful, I'm suffering with depression and I do hate life but seeing that has given me more
hope. Thank you so much"

infinitelove143 ":thumb350990415:"

AnimeArtisian "Life is up and down, and you don't really know where you'll end up. But if you just keep going and push on through the bad times the good times all of a sudden seem better, Because you know that no matter what happens there will always be another good time to come."

mashkina "It's a great project! :w00t: Life is very changeable and it's the best part of it.:heart: Today rain - tomorrow sunshine, today good - tomorrow bad, but then something great happens again. You can never get tired, because it's never boring.

If your life brings you darkness now, please, be sure tomorrow you will wake up in light. Just keep moving through your life and look around!"

Stygma "An event opened my eyes about life: Breast cancer! I survived it! Now, my problems are small. Now, I take the time to make my dreams real. Now I live for now! My job is not more important than me. The opinion of others are note more important than mine. Before, I was waiting for good things to happen. Now, I make them happen. Because, we can only live once..."

TheGalleryOfEve "My personal way of "Praising Life" is by living each day as if it were the last day of my life!!! I truly love, smile, cry, do all the things I have to do intensely ... so that if something happens tomorrow, I won't have anything to regret ...

For years I've had this terrifying fear of losing my loved ones  ... I felt that way since I lost my father, my grandfather and my godfather (whom I adored, because I was raised by my mom and her parents, and next to our house lived my godfather, and I was always glued to him!!!) on the same year, when I was a teen ...  ... I then lived in a constant fear of losing the rest of my family ... it took me quite a long time to understand that my fear of losing my loved ones was not going to retain them any longer than what it will be  ... so when I understood this, I began to tell the people I love, that I love them ...  and HOW MUCH I love them!!! , and to show it to them as much as possible through my actions!!!  ... Those who might have this fear will understand how paralyzing it is, and to those I say this: Live LIFE!!! Live it in such a manner that even the undertaker will cry when you leave!!!  ... Don't hold your life because of your fears!!! This life is YOURS to live!!!  ... Nobody will live it for you, so BE what you want to be!!!

Now, when I think about those loved ones who passed  ... I only remember our good times together, and I don't feel the "loss" anymore, I feel EXTREMELY LUCKY because I've had the privilege of knowing such wonderful people in my lifetime!!!  ... It's not a "loss" for me anymore, not it's a total "gain"!!! "

VasiDragos "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."
~ Douglas Noel Adams"

Stilleschrei "Live your life intense and enjoy every day, for it's over before you know it
The three stages of life by Stilleschrei
You don't know what you got untill it 's gone
Our bright love by Stilleschrei
And in a world as big as ours, we all can make a difference
Daisy spring poem by Stilleschrei"

Thepandagamer "Life is just like a movie. It has it's ups and downs, it has it's lovers and critiques. Sometimes it gets boring, but if you stick with it until the end, you won't be disappointed!" Live by Thepandagamer"

DreamsphereINC "Everything we do, we must do standing tall,
Never giving up, and giving everything your all.
For if you work hard enough, what you do will impact tomorrow,
Only then, can we believe, that we did not act in sorrow"

tanasha67 "You and I know very well that life isn't easy, but think about it - what would life be like if everything went as you wish? I think it would be boring, because humans want to feel safe. Life is everything but safe, it is EXITING and NEW - an adventure... If you take a leap in the dark
moon on the beach by tanasha67"

Thepandagamer "Life is just like a movie. It has it's ups and downs, it has it's lovers and critiques. Sometimes it gets boring, but if you stick with it until the end, you won't be disappointed!"


"I read somewhere recently "You meet the best people in your life from the worst situations you're in." This is so completely true for me. Sometimes, the only reason you have the wonderful things are because of bad things that have happened.

My philosophy in life is to stay positive. Try not to worry, try not to stress. Whatever happens, happens. Like, if your dog just got hit by a car - yes, it's a very emotional thing and a very sad day!! But don't let it stress you - stressing and crying will literally only do you damage. (Of course you can cry and grieve for your dog, but doing it for days and days becomes a little excessive, and you have to be strong and not let your grief get the best of you). You can remember the good times, and know that your dog will always be in your memories. 

^^; I know that's not a great example, but... There are so many situations where people stress, worry, cry, go into a fit of rage... and what good does it do? Maybe you'll punch someone's nose. Maybe you'll get a headache. Maybe you'll do something irrational. But what does that get you? Not a whole lot. Turn that energy into motivation to solve your problems. And if there's nothing you can do about your situation, then you have the option to stress and lose hair, or... take a walk, read a book... something relaxing!

Life is precious and I feel like there are a lot more moments people can turn around and enjoy :heart:"

"You may not know it, but you have the power to make your life wonderful! You just have to believe in yourself...and a bit in miracles ;)"

IceXDragon "
"Don't rush through life. Cherish every good moment that happens, and worry about the bad to the least.

"Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?
Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more of value than they?"

Matthew 6:25-26

Praise life and spend it happy, not worrying and moping. For every minute you spend unhappy, that's one minute that could have been well spent being joyful.

Love life, and spend it well.:heart:

~ Kamenashi-Kazuya" I find when I take pictures, I add quotes. Here's some of mine:

"There is no such thing as perfection. Even the most perfect person has flaws, even if it's very small."

"We are who we are so don't try to change us."

"Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama, negativity stop you from becoming the best person you can be."

"Failure defeats losers, inspires winners."

"You may not know your purpose, but you do have one."

~seirenwinter "I love collecting quotes, and three quotes I truly agree with regarding life and happiness are: 

"The last illusion is believing oneself to have lost everything." - Maurice Chapelan

"Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depens solely on what you think." - Dale Carnegie

"It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but impossible to find it anywhere else." - Sebastian Chamfort"

Glazier213  "I think my reason for cherishing life is other people's lives itself. I love helping and contributing, and I see other people's life as important as mine because I believe everyone has impact on everybody, and everybody could learn something new from anyone. For indicating life itself, I'm attaching a picture of my niece, who symbolizes for me the raw and cheerful energy of life:
Childish by Glazier213"

Sabbelbina "Everytime I'm sad, there are just a few possibilities to forget the sad things again: Reading, Drawing and deviantart. 
I know it's kind of strange to say dA makes me happy, becasue not every deviation was made to make someone happy, but: I can relax when I see good art, I can be positive when there are positive pictures and even the darker ones can make me happy just because I get to look on the world on another way than before.

A few weeks ago I had a little depressive phase. I worried about my studies, I worried about the job I chose, I even worried about myself not beeing good enough for anything. I know I can do things, too, and I'm not useless, but as you said: It's not easy to always think positive.
I saw this picture Hungry? by tholang (by *tholang) at dA and I was absolutely impressed by the meaning. Even in the darkest moments, when everywhere in the world policeman and soldiers have to do their work, there are these quiet moments full of normal and happy life. When a man comes to give the workers something to eat and everyone smiles.
This picture reminded me of the other side of the life. The side where the bad things can be forgotten, even if it's just for a few moments, and where I can be happy again. :-) (Smile)

(I can't say that with a quote, but I hope this helps you as much ;-) (Wink) )"

quiet-night "To pass by a tree and hear it's whispers is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. To hear a child's first laugh, to feel a tear fall out of joy or sorrow, to taste the sweetness of the year's first berries, to feel the life around you, it is all what makes us wake up day after day and smile, for we know that we are alive, and there is always tomorrow." 

 CiiMoore "I am super exhausted right now, but I saw this and wanted to post a photo I took as well as talk a little bit about a very important person in my life. He taught me that life is important, and what you do in your life is important. No matter how big or small. People are important, and it is important to love and care about each other, live life to its' fullest. Never give up, never give in.

My Grandpa is like a father to me. These past weeks were a NIGHTMARE. First he went to the ER for pneumonia and congestive heart failure. If that wasn't enough, he had 2 strokes about a week later. He had been in the hospital since. He was so bad the first few days, and we lost a lot of sleep and had frayed nerves. 

We kept visiting though, telling jokes, laughing, we kept saying "Grandpa, you survived the draft and Vietnam, you'll survive this for sure!" 

Like my brother said, "Grandpa, you're a tough old soldier." Which meant a lot to grandpa, since gramps gave jake one of his dog tags when he went off to boot camp in the Marine Corps.

Despite all the trauma and chaos, we pulled through...and Grandpa will come home tomorrow!!

My Grandpa is pretty much my dad. He took care of me, and is the only father figure I have ever had. He's pulled me through my own own mental illness, pushed me to follow my dreams, and has protected me fiercely. He gave me a reason to believe that life is not to be taken for granted, no matter the differences we should respect one another. Life is beautiful, no matter the ups and downs. 

Hoorah, Grandpa. :) (Smile) You are indeed " A tough old soldier." 


"Life can be hard, confusing, and lonely at times, but all you need is that friendly reminder to make everything clear. Whether it be the love of your life, a child, or even a picture, to know it's always there for you is the most reassuring thing a person can have. ;) (Wink)
"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. Happiness is so important for everyone and everyone deserves to be happy. When someone tries to master something, it either ends in success or failure. But it's the attempt where you find the value. Remember, don't walk where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them"

tanasha67" We all know those beautiful stories, with happy endings that can make you cry of delight. Try think of one and remember that those stories are real - not something made up to please you - those happy moments are REAL, are happening all over the world each day. 
I've heard about one family, just outside of town, whose house burned down. 
.:inferno:. by Creamydigital 
That wasn't fair at all, so people started coming around with clothes, food, money ect. They insisted that the family accepted the help, children gave up their favorite toys - so that the family had some for their children!
Now THAT's a praise to life, love, joy and happiness! Heart 
I wish by CindysArt"

"No matter how many bad moments life throws at you...  No matter how far away from everything you love you are required to go...  Home will always be waiting for your return."

SimplySilent "I'd like to share a quote from one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost: "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

No matter how difficult your life may get now, keep your hopes alive because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to find it, grab hold of it, and never let it go. Aww

"This project is simply awesome. No words can describe life. It's beauty, the way it's so fragile yet so flexible, it's preciousness, it's bursting colours, it's sweetness, it's energy, it's creativity, our life is full of chances, opportunities, full of imagination, for us, to explore, to discover, to understand. Not only is life about our world, it is about us. Human anatomy is miraculous, our brain itself, to have emotions, to have thoughts, to have memories, to imagine, to create, to have ideas, to believe, to have faith and have hope. It is my pleasure, my true honour to to be who I am. Do not be depressed! Do not be sad! Do not be ashamed of who you are, because you are who you are, a beautiful creative, an evolved intelligent species, stand strong! Be proud!"

Ginga1399 "No matter your Homo-, Hetero,- oder Bisexual,
Life your live! The main thing you're having fun! You only live once and take care of yourself and the others Heart"

"Sometimes, people just don't appreciate the gift of life they have. Even if you don't want to live anymore, no matter how hard your life is, there are so many people in the world who would want to stand in your place. Just remember that no matter how hard your life is, there are people who suffers and had suffered more than you do. Whenever you think of dying, remember that there are many people who are still fighting everyday just to live a life like yours.

CvIaZ"Personally, I think of life as a challenge. If there are no difficulties or conflicts, there would be no happy ending, right? And if there are no conflicts or bad times in life, you wouldn't be able to feel the happy times. If your life is flat, you wouldn't be able to feel all sorts of emotions like happiness, sadness, loneliness and much more emotions that you couldn't describe in words."

SpaceCinnaBuns "Critiques, positive or negative, you are perfect the way you are.
As long you have belief that you can reach for your goals and dreams, you can scale through several obstacles and challenges no matter how difficult they seem to be.
Stay strong and no matter what you do, you should know that you can do it!"

PennedinWhite ""Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." - Les Brown

Reach for the stars, and you never know what or who you might find along the way. "

awesome43 "Life is a learning experience. We have good days and we have bad days. There will always be someone better off and someone worse off. For me it is more about compassion for others. Joining DA thought me that is it not only about art it is about caring for each other. Whether it is giving a Llama to welcome a new member or commenting especially on the art of a beginner or sending a get well note it is all about the community here on DA. 
The outpouring of love for my brother Serge and My DA-Grandson :iconellysiumn: has been overwhelming.
Two of a kind  by awesome43
  So Not only has there been hundreds of comments for both they have become long distance friends and truly care about each other. This is what life is about the material things are secondary. 
What this world need is more love and compassion. ":iconheartcandleplz:

hefeigal " 'Giving up doesn't take away the chance of life getting worse--it just takes away the chance of it getting better'.
I think this is a really powerful quote. I mean, giving up (and I don't just mean literally; this can mean on art, on school, on anything) just makes it harder for things to get better. 

mormonbookworm "I can't think of much of anything to say, except that life can be what you make of it, so make something as awesome as I'm sure you are!"

Like others have said, life is full of challenges. You have to get over them to achieve real happiness! :D (Big Grin)
tyshwortzz "beauty captures attention, personality captures the heart <3 
care more about living from the inside out rather than the outside in."

PonyLovingInsanity "Awesome!! Even though you commented on a old post it has inspired me so much.... I will keep my head up and continue on.... Pain sorrow will not stop me!"

Swiftalunar  "Someday, you may find yourself in a position where you think all hope can be lost and that no one could possibly care about you. But that's not true, life is a huge gift from god and wasting it means you never get to experience all the great things you did ever again. Now it may be really hard to get this message through to some people but allow me to share a simple experience I had two years ago on a different site.

I was probably a very arrogant person, thinking of myself very high and mighty, thought I was at the top of my game compared to most. I was respected by many and was probably an inspiration to a lot of people too. Despite my arrogant and demanding actions to others, I was still a kind person at heart, and that probably is why so many people supported me. However, my 'tower' came falling down when I was suddenly back stabbed by a good friend of mine, and had thought I had lost all hope to even show my face. I thought my trust with others was broken permanently, and fell into a depressed state for a few weeks. Whenever I even mentioned this person's name; I was always shaking as I was typing. But then I realized, many people were there to support me through this tough time. They made me feel like I was special and that I truly was a good person, it was then I learned to accept other people that were not on the level I was and I started encouraging others. 

There have been other hard times I was put through, and each one of them had someone there to support me and keep my spirits up.

Point is, no matter what you say and think, there is always someone out there caring for you and loving you with all their very heart and soul, and they will be there when you do need them at most. Never doubt yourself, always keep tabs on the good things in life. c:"

iDJPanda "I've never quite understood (or analyzed Giggle) the meaning of"When life give you lemons, make lemonade.". For years, I thought it was just something obvious to anybody who had lemons but not, I think I understand it more clearly. I feel like it's saying. When life gives you something sour and nasty, make some sweet out of it. Life can throw all it's lemons at you but you can decide to make something wonderful of it and even share it to the world."

hefeigal "Life is pretty short--as Ferris Bueller said, blink and you might miss it--so don't spend it wishing for things to happen. It's your life! Your only limits are the ones you put on yourself! You can't accomplish big when you dream small, so always keep your head up and remember this brilliant proverb, 'This too, shall pass.'  :D (Big Grin)
mikaylaleannART "It may seem hard. There comes a time when you feel like you can't do it. You're letting everyone down. You even feel like you are letting your kids down. But, remember. No matter what, the people who matter will love you and that is all one needs to motivate themselves to push against the hard parts in life to the brighter days to come."

IllyDragonfly" My inspiring quote is by Gordon Graham"  Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision, a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it. ”

sertoto " I LOVE yoga. My favorite mantra reads: "Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu"

What it means is: "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions ofmy own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all"

I got this mantra at one of my yoga classes. I felt so drawn to it that I took it home and taped it on my door So I'd look at it everyday when I woke up. I want my actions to make someone happy because I've been through times where I was alone completely with nobody to do that for me. That made me feel terrible. Therefore, I want to make that change in others' lives. So I do."

Sabbelbina "I know I already participated, but I've found a quote to my sentence :-) (Smile)
You may all know this one, but it's true: 'Relax, take it easy!' There have been songs about that and scripts, too, but I think that's the thing that makes happy: to relax."

keg007 "The saying "There's no such thing as a painless lesson." is true. Everyone deals with some form of pain everyday. But what you have to do is look beyond that pain. It will make you grow stronger, help you realise how precious everything you have is. Always remember that with pain there is always a reward or a lesson learnt which will always outweigh the pain suffered. The reward may be hard to find, but trust me it's there."

TheBlueBean1993 "There's a saying that goes perfect with this You only live once, you should live life and take whatever is thrown at you and not let anything get you down. When you go through your hard times, you know that someone will be there. Be it in real life or on the internet, cherish what you have in life :) (Smile)"

Vinyl-Beat "Life is love, love is life. When you live your life that has been given to you, you show others that you love and care about yourself, and them. Your life is a precious gift given to you and others. You life doesn't suck, don't yank it it from the ones you love just because you think your life is bad."

ChameleonistLife is truly the most precious thing one can give. Whether by raising a child or saving someone from death, nothing is greater than the gift of life. And, besides, L.I.F.E. stands for one belief that can change all people: Love Is For Everyone. "

ArtByCher "I absolutely love this project.
A saying I live by is 'Don't let anyone steal your sunshine' As I've become older I realized just how short life truly is. And we spend far to much time exhausting ourselves on people who are constantly negative. It's okay to be happy and it's okay to walk away from such people. It's your life, own it Heart"


here is my comment i hope you can add ->

THIS. I SWEAR. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. GUYS, SERIOUSLY. I mean it. there are so many FINALLY. I DON'T HAVE ANY WORDS BUT ALL OF MY LIFE IS THIS. <- this and helping others to love life is my passion ,it is what I do and man...THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOURNAL. FINALLY LIKE, A JOURNAL THAT DESCRIBES WHAT I AM ALL ABOUT BUT FINALLY I DO NOT HAVE TO FEEL ALONE OF BEING IN LOVE WITH LIFE AND LOVING IT AND BEING OVERLY HAPPY! / Yes I am an overly optimistic person who is in love with life but I am human and do have days when I feel sad and such, ..I mean honestly.. life has it's ups and downs but we can overcome them AND WE CAN HELP ONE ANOTHER OVERCOME THEM. but we must live our own lives to our fullest potential as well.. go after our dreams, spread love, cherish your memories and loved ones and to never give up nor lose hope. Life is beautiful and we need to help others realize and appreciate it too. This journal is amazing and wonderful. let's love life guys."

"Sunrays after a long winter while I'm on the train to work.

Gedachten die dwalen by yumehaka

The kind smile of a stranger when you are feeling down.

Why do you care about me so much by iCaitlynn"

KAOSspreading "It's true, we all should celebrate life more. The fact that most of us are way better off then the bigger part of the world. People in western civilization lack gratefulness very badly. Be grateful for your freedom, be grateful to have a job, a family, to have friends, be grateful for your health, be grateful not to live in a war zone, be grateful to have enough food and clean water, be grateful to have found your passion. Even if you only have just one of these things in your life: be grateful. Even if you dont believe in any high powers, gods of any sort or have no religion. You don't have to thank god (I don't), you just need to be conscious about what you already have in your life. Because most people don't and most things are not made for eternity.
But let's not judge those who can't because they're ill. Let's dont forget that there are sicknesses like depressions or disorders that sadly keep people from having the ability to be grateful or celebrate life. Also it's important even for mentally healthy peole to be sick of it all from time to time. To know the very depth of pain, to hit rock bottom - that's what it takes to be TRULY grateful. Let's be grateful and celebrate for those who can't instead of judging. There is no overreacting, when somebody feels it, we just may not always understand everybody's feelings. Be tolerant and respectful. SHOW them instead of telling them. Be friends, not enemies."

"this is an awesome idea! :D (Big Grin)

where to start... I have been through a lot of crap in my life. I've had many people leave my life without ever saying goodbye, and I'm still trying to process through all of that. I've had family members die. I've had friends die. but through it all, I survived. I became stronger by becoming the weakest I could possibly be, then waking up. "sometimes you need to break before you can become whole," as a good friend once told me. whenever you get those depressed feelings, go do something. sitting down thinking about how miserable and pathetic life is will not help your situation. if you can go outside, do it. look up funny pictures on google, that usually cheers me up. write a letter to your future self. write a letter to your past self. draw a picture. create something beautiful. and know that you are an incredible and beautiful person, and yes you do have flaws, but so does everyone else. you are still human, and still awesome. now go out and spread the love! Huggle!"

Mageofcats "Sometimes I become so sad at the twists and turns of my life that I consider... s-u-i-c-i-d-e, but then, then I remember that, no matter how bad it is for me, there is someone out there for whom it is worse. And then I remember that there is someone out there meant to love me, always and unconditionally, even when I feel as though no one else is around.

Plus... where's the fun in dying when death is the truest form of unknowingness that can exist? After it... you can never find out what may have happened... you'll never know what could have been. That person that you were in love with - would they have eventually fallen for you? Could you have been married? Is it possible that you are a good enough writer/artist/singer/actor/PERSON to have become famous?


After death, you'll never know... and that's what keeps me coming back to life.


Not literally; I've never truly died, you see. =P (Razz)"

AyeAye12 "Every day, in whatever you do, there is a writer out there waiting to translate you into a poem. Every day you could easily become a poem, the crux of a piece of art. It might be when watering the plants. It might be when stressed at your phone in the street. It might be kissing your boyfriend. Whatever it is, there is a high chance you are in a poem.
If that isn't beautiful, then what is."

Imaginarionify "Remember that it's fine to fall of the wagon some days, but also remember you'll stand right back up. When this happens to you again, tell yourself this,"I'm proving to be a hero by walking each day and not giving up."

solis-ortus "this is a wonderful idea. i applaud whoever came up with it, and everyone who has already contributed.

(know that the going get's rough. things hurt. life hurts. but when you come out of whatever hell you're in right now (and you will come out of it), please know that you did make it out alive. don't be embarrassed about your scars. be proud, instead, of your victory. it's a big one. so keep going. there is a light at the end of your tunnel. it's just far away, but you'll get there.)"

Tajii-chan "I think there's something to be said about the fact that we all have a life to live in the first place. It's very easy to compare your life to another, to put yourself down, or just to give up-- and that's why sometimes, life seems like it can be difficult. The true gift of living comes from fulfillment though, and you can only get that by feeling achieved by what you've done. By climbing mountains, by overcoming hardships, we experience many sadnesses, but in that, we also experience happiness. As they say in most yin-yang situations, there can't be happiness without sadness. Even those we think have it all also have to deal with life's ups and downs. There always seems to be an anchor weighing us down, but in a way, that anchor keeps us grounded and humble, and appreciative of the ground beneath our feet. I think a lot of people overestimate that anchor, thinking that it will continue pulling them down until they've dug themselves into a hole so large, they can't get back up. And sometimes, we think we've dug holes when really, they're small holes that we've started patting down with dirt way too soon. Instead, we need to look up from those holes and at the sky.

There's an infinity of possibilities out there, and although those possibilities are daunting, there are also experiences waiting to be had, happiness waiting to be clutched. You can't take any of that by giving up. You can't ever walk forward when you overestimate the weight of that anchor. But if you simply stop digging holes and start walking forward, no matter how hard it may seem, it'll set you free in ways you would have never considered. When you learn how to fly yourself, you can help other people out of their holes, and get more people up and running forward. It's a domino effect, which is why, even during the hardest times, if you keep on reminding yourself of the things you have yet to experience, it won't be long before you start dreaming again. Never hold yourself down, never think that there's no escaping from that hole-- whether you've dug it yourself or not. Remember that life is short and there are an infinite amount of things to be done and seen. Give yourself time to grieve and reflect, but then put a smile on your face. Because you have a life, and it's worth living the way you want to live it! "

A-Wakefield "
Fabulous idea!!! La la la la
May I add?

<da:thumb id="438404388"/>  "

This is a gorgeous idea, and it's interesting that I find this now, twelve hours after posting a poem that I think is quite relevant. So I'm going to share it here.

<da:thumb id="459612121"/>

I think it's really important to take note of the fact that you are alive now and again. It's such a great privilege and achievement to be alive, to be going on."

Life is a cycle of both good and bad. At one time it goes bad,worse even. But there'll always be a time where you'll be out of it.
You'll bump into the bad side again, but obviously you'll be able to get out of there again and have the whole world twinkle with fluttering flowers once more. And this strange cycle keeps rotating like mad.
The key to overcome this inevitable rotation is just..go with it. If anything starts to go wrong, stay positive by keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.

Oh. And have a good laugh. Laugh at anything. Yourself, the world, animals."

akrasiel "Every rough patch in life is an opportunity to kick life's butt Heart"

D0-lTWhenever I think of myself as an actual person, it scares the living heck out of me. Everything I do is real, everything I do will change the path to my future, and you can't press an edit/delete button when you do something you regret because, well, there ain't one. But it's never too late to turn the bad times around, no matter what anyone says. You just have to hold your head up and do your best to look at the positive side. The reason why life is so bad is because you aren't trying to change it. Life might take you down sometimes, but that's because it's trying to tell you something. If you do your best to look up to the light, it will have to reward you. Keep on doing it and it gets better. Learn from your mistakes. Start looking for happiness. Be a better person. You are nothing without life and life is nothing without you, and it is about the best thing you could get if you'd just try."

Chipgon "Life is like a scale. And on that scale, there are Happiness, and Depression. None of them is more than the other. Whenever the Depression is more weigh than the Happiness, in the end, the scale still managed to balance itself. And Happiness still the same as Depression's weight.
If you can't find your happiness, isn't mean you don't have it. It's simply because you haven't find it hard enough, or it hasn't come yet ! 
Many young and adult these day don't want to waste time to find their "Happiness" and claim that they weren't real, but that just a effect of Depression, 
This Life Scale simply work like this : Like a Seesaw. happiness and Depression race themselves to play on this Seesaw. Happiness push ! Then Depression push, and then Happiness push again ! We cry, and smile again, and cry, always. The longer we cry, the more happy after that we get.
Don't. Be. Negative. Or you might broke the balance of this Scale."

ManboobLover69 "
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ― Meg Cabot
An inspiring quote for myself, and anyone else who might have to live every day with crippling anxiety."

Thank you all so much for contributing! :love: 
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Everything is all about give and take. When you show to someone your love, you're surerly expecting to take this feeling back by feel your beloved one's joy, laugh and happiness. And also the meaning of the true love is to respect your beloved ones even if their choicies hurts you, you have to let them go if that will bring them the happiness to them and also to you too...if you love them for real.