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Bay Cat

The Bay Cat (Catopuma badia), also known as Bornean Cat, Bornean Red Cat, Bornean Marbled Cat, Borneo-katze, Chat Bai, Gato Rojo de Borneo, Kucing Kalimantan, Kucing Merahor or Bornean Bay Cat, is a small feline endemic to the island of Borneo. There is not much known about the Bay Cat due to its rarity.
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marbled cats are small domestic cat like with clouded leopard markings.they are awesome felidae with a long tail almost the same size of its body c:
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thanks for all your explaination guys, I'm very glad you all share this information..thanks :)
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this is actually asian golden cat. they look a lot alike though. i have a feeling they are really close relatives though. easily mistaken. the bay cat became extinct several years ago.
They're both in the Catopuma genus (and I'm fairly certain they're the only two classified under it, as well), so they're definitely close relatives. These guys (Asian Golden Cats) have a much more distinctive markings on their faces.

The Bay Cat actually isn't extinct, however, and the first video footage of it was taken in November of last year ([link]). So while they're considered to be one of the rarest (not to mentioned one of the most under-studied) cats in the world, they're very much still in existence and classified only as "Endangered" on most lists ([link]).
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oh okay. i figured they were very close relatives because of their markings and bodies.
oh really? i guess they are critically endangered then. that is cool then. nice to know also. thank you for explaining this to me. your photo is probably a bay cat then. at least it is in a zoo of some sort so they are conserved in a way. :)
Haha, yeah, I'm studying zoology and conservation simply so I can go study the Bay Cat (because they're my favorite sort of cat, haha). So I was pretty surprised/worried to see that they were extinct and had to double check. x]

Nah, you were right! This photo is almost certainly of an Asian Golden Cat (the face is much more distinct) than a Bay Cat, from what I understand no legal institution currently owns one in captivity. I certainly hope that more work is done towards conserving them, though, they're beautiful cats. :heart:
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that is a good choice though. something unique to study too. i am sure you will grab some great research on them. hopefully some more data too.

aw, i wish they did.
me too.
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Oh, and this is an Asian Golden Cat, not a Bay Cat. Bay Cats do not have prominent white markings around their mouths, and don't have strong black coloring on the back of their ears. Their coats are also a deeper shade of red which looks more like rust, and their tails are fluffier. So you were right when you said it wasn't a Bay Cat in the beginning. ;)

Bay Cat: [link]

Asian Golden Cat:

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Bay Cats are not extinct, but you're correct, they're critically endangered. The reason not many people know about them is because they’re incredibly elusive and frequent only certain riverside areas in Borneo. I took Zoology and Ecology Conservation studies during my degree, and I found this cat the most fascinating of all the Bornean cats. Quite a number of photos of the Bay Cat emerged during a camera trap that was set up to capture Clouded Leopards in Sabah not too long ago, so most Conservationists figure that there are scattered populations of the Bay Cat in several different areas, although it’s hard to keep track since they’re nocturnal, incredibly shy, and generally avoid all human contact (basically they live in deep/virtually inaccessible portions of the jungle). Sadly, a lot of people don’t know about their existence and therefore little is being done to protect them at the moment. Most conservation actions are featured towards the Clouded Leopards rather than the Little Big Cats on the Island.
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