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Hi friends! Long time no journal. 

At the moment I'm still dealing with my wrist injury, and I'm not able to draw for more than roughly an hour a day. To (hopefully temporarily) replace all the client work I normally do, I've decided to start offering mentorships and private sessions. All the relevant info can be found here: docs.google.com/document/d/15N…

If you're interested, please send me an email at astrilsjursen@gmail.com with a link to your portfolio, and a description of what you'd like to focus on for your first session! 

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I hope that you feel much better now because you are a real inspiration to me and my idol. Thanks to you, I learned to draw and understood what art is. You also inspired me to start and conduct tutoring classes with novice children. Now I teach children who want to learn how to draw. By the way, a lot of articles on tutoring helped me in this like - online tutoring for children.

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I'd love to pay for some. I hope your wrist gets better love <3
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Hey Astri, I hope you get better soon.
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i want but dont have money :'D
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ooo damn that's an awesome idea! I swear once I get money Imma collect it and spend it for a tutoring like this! :la:

Also in case I haven't said it yet, I wish you a quick recovery and also keep it going with your current video style I really enjoy it! :heart:
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Omg bless you ! I will speak to my mom on this :D
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Wow. I wope you will get well soon .

¿Do you intend to keep with tutorships once you recover?
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Yes! I'll probably spend a little less time on them but that's the plan.
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Thanks for answer >///< I will be needing to save quick for this.
Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your wrist and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for being an inspiration! 
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I wish you a speedy recovery from your injury and much success on your tutoring :D
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I wish you a (relatively) painless recovery.
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This idea is really great, a lot of people will appreciate your tutoring and critique ! >w< It must be frustrating to restrain from drawing so take care and courage~
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This is a really cool idea! I just recently recovered from an RSI as well; It's not fun. I hope you feel better soon and take care of yourself. :heart:
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