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In case you didn't catch it yesterday, I just released a portrait painting with commentary, by popular demand!
Check it out if you're interested, and feel free to leave a comment with other tutorial subjects you'd like to see c:

I've also finally launched my Patreon! After slowly noticing how much of a back seat my personal art and study has taken over the past two years, I decided to take the plunge.

When I was a kid I wanted to become a professional artist because I absolutely adored creating fanart and original characters, but if you look at my gallery as of late it's almost exclusively commission and client work. I've had a big personal project in mind for the past year that I just have had no time to put into action, since I'm always working away at commissions to pay the bills.

I'm also not producing as many tutorials as I'd like to! Something I'm really passionate about is giving back to the artist community. Everything I've learnt I've learnt from people creating educational content on youtube etc. And now I want to contribute too. 

My patreon is not a way to put all my content behind a paywall - if anything, it will allow me to put even more art and content out into the world. There will be more fanart, more original content and more youtube videos^^ 
We've already got over 30 patrons, and not only am I beyond humbled, I am also excited about the future for the first time in a long time. 

So if you want to get some extra tutorials and videos and join our Discord community, or if you just want to support, please give my patreon a look: 

Much love, 
Astri <3 

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thanks you for this video. this can be refrence to me:D
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Good luck Astri :heart: You're an unending inspiration to us all, looking forward to more tuts and content.
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Thank you for this! I sadly don´t understand what you say and explain but I will watch it many times to learn about painting!