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Commissions are closed! Reopening next year.


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Good morning :) Is it possible to be warned when you will reopen your commission ?
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I think I'd get bankrupt if I commissioned you but god your art's amazing
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Really hoping to commission you next time you're open, love your work!!! :D <3
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Oh no! I missed it! TT o TT
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It's alright. I'll catch you next time you open. ^_^
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Email sent! ^ 0 ^ :la:
Hi Astri!

Always been a big fan of your work, it's all quite inspiring!

I was considering getting a commission when you reopen soon, but I'm having trouble finding your pricing anywhere or what's acceptable to commission etc.

Ideally, I'd hope to commission a painting of my FFXIV character if I secure a slot, but I don't think I've seen you do any of those before, so would that be possible?


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Hey! Pricing and rules will be posted along with the new announcement. I do FFIXV commissions! 
Great to know, looking forward to it!
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Very much looking forward to you opening! I found you after your previous commissions closed and I have been lurking ever since as I've been hoping to see my Kirin Tor mage drawn by you. You're definitely going to be hearing from me when you open as your work is absolutely beautiful and the fact you are entirely self taught is amazing and inspirational!
When you open up commissions once more, how many slots will be available? 
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between 10 and 20 probably. 
Is there a specific date that you'll be opening more slots? I would totally love to know so I can prepare to snag a slot. I work a lot, so I don't always have time to check DeviantArt or your Instagram! I've been waiting for years! I would hate to miss this amazing opportunity now.
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the 19th this month c:
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Same here, I can't wait for commissions to be opened once more. 
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Ahhh can't wait to commission you <3 I love following your updates! 

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Hello there! I love your art!! I was wondering when your commissions are opening? I would love to buy one! :D
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Great! Do let me know!! :heart: I’ll be waiting with anticipation!!! :wave:
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Asking for the future, are humans with animal ears and tail acceptable at least? 
also, Found your Sylvanas speedpainting and you are amazing 
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Humans with animal ears and tail is acceptable! I just won't do Worgens, for example. 
Thank you c:
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Oki thank you for your respones ,will keep my eye out and also keep up the great work. Have a nice weekend :)
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