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November 9, 2020
Warcraft 3 Reforged Key Art by Astri-Lohne
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Warcraft 3 Reforged Key Art


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Long time no see! Figured it was time to check in here and update the portfolio a bit C: If you're still around, I'm a lot more active on TwitterInstagram and Patreon these days!  

A piece of key art I did for W3R last year - I was really happy to get a chance to paint something from this particular campaign! Big thanks to the art team for helping me out along the way.
Art Director: Brian Sousa
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© 2020 - 2021 Astri-Lohne
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Coastlin's avatar

This seems really sexist to me. Not only censoring her outfit to have her be covered fully but also sexulaizing violence against men by making him look weak and defenseless while also being half naked

Honestly disgusting

Chris-Leao's avatar

hahahahhahaa love it

Noxana's avatar

Holy crap, congrats on a daily deviation!

YakhontShprotsky's avatar

her armor drawn just perfectly, cool

RicaSensei's avatar
Magmard's avatar

Wow!! I go back to the DA and I come across such a wonder ... congratulations!

Engelthal-B's avatar

This artwork is purely amazing!

After ten thousand years in darkness, Illidan gets to finally hear the voice of the woman he once (and maybe still) cared for. I love the contrast between the darkness of the cell and the light shed on Tyrande, just like the Heavens would open up, giving Illidan a chance to redeem for his sins. At her sight, Illidan finds the strength to lift himself from the ground.

And her posture&expression - strong grip on the bow, standing tall, but softness in the left hand, and a humbled, compasionate facial expression, like she'd be asking for his forgiveness...

It's not just a drawing. It's a story that can't be told better with words. A masterpiece!

soundsofspace's avatar

Pretty lame and sexist to censor her original look to no longer show of any skin but then depict the male character not only half naked but in a weak position like this.

Change the genders and this would never be allowed to be made.

It honestly looks like it gloryfies violence against men.

chakaru's avatar

What the actual hell? There are thousands of fantasy art pieces that reverse these roles. Just google. Also: Where is the sexism here? Seriously? This just depicts a scene from the actual lore of Warcraft. You are reaching man.

soundsofspace's avatar

I have personally never seen artwork like this with the gender reversed and I bet if any company did they would be forced to appolgize with in a minute by a social media outrage mob. But the sexualization of men and glorification of violence gets pushed harder then ever before.

blizzard has done this for a long time now, censoring and covering up female characters old outfits while male characters only get presented half naked with unrealistically huge muscles.

Male characters have been treated very battle in WoW for the last 2 expansions now. It all was just 24/7 "women power" with male character all being written as stupid, weak or useless while tons of established lore was broken to make women seem "powerful".

chakaru's avatar

You know, a big part of me wants to say "yeah, feels shitty doesnt it?" because video games have been doing the same thing by advertising with half naked female characters. Especially WoW has been doing this for years. And nobody bloody cared. The fact that "covering up female characters old outfits" is a point of CRITIQUE to you? Sorry, but it just doesn't compute for me. I mean - putting females who are supposed to be fighters in actual battles into armors that cover their vital body parts, wow. How dare they? Now you say "Oh shut up, its a fantasy game, its not supposed to be realistic!" Well, why is it a problem then if male characters are half naked? Does it demean them? Make them less "manly" and strong? And if the fact that some male characters are written as "stupid" or "useless"... all I can say is welcome to the world of female characters of the last 20 years. Seriously, 2 expansions of this is NOTHING.

Roflly's avatar

Ok boomer. Men being sexually exploited way more than men has been the norm for almst a decade now. Just look at the MCU, literally every movie only casts unrealistically muscular male actors who always at least for 1 scene get shown without their shirt. Meanwhile there has not been a single MCU movie where an actress had to strip down to hear underwear, have big breasts or wear a skimpy outfit.

Another recent example is Mortal Kombat which went out of their way to censor every single female character outfit and give them all breast reduction. Meanwhile every male character is insanely buff and you guessed it has at least 1 shirtless outfit. Some male fighters don’t even have a single non sexulized outfit that doesn’t leave their chest uncovered despite them apparently fighting to the death. Meanwhile most female character outfits are all sharia approved and cover them completely.

You are just a sexist who has this false attitude of being a victim to justify being horrible to men like most modern women in gaming.

Same goes for comics where male get way more sexulized then women now as well and were sexual harassment at men is played as a joke.

Absolutely sick.

And yet women like you dare to try to silence people whenever they speak up against this constant sexist double standard.

chakaru's avatar

Aww, how cute, the boomer comment. There it is. Just because I am older than 18? I am not horrible to men. I am not a feminist either. I don't care either way. I only reacted because you were insulting an artist for portraying a scene from WoW LORE. A scene that actually happened. You went for the artists throat as if they changed the scene to make it sexist towards men. But they didn't. So your rant was entirely unnecessary since you were barking up the wrong tree.

But back to the "sexism" discussion since it's already happening.

I am totally aware that things are changing. And that it must feel unfair to men. Really, I am. I went out of line there a few times, but put yourself in a woman's shoes for a second. We have seen this shit happen for decades. (Ok neither one of us is THAT old, but use your imagination.) Most female characters were eye candy or fan service. I mean - how many ganes have jiggly boob physics? And before you argument with realism: boobs are NOT filled with helium. Unless you are on a trampoline, gravity does NOT work like that. Anyway, moving on. The situation is now changing and we are supposed to say "Sorry this is happening to you, its so unfair."? Of CORSE there are many women who say "Yeah sorry not sorry, been there." It's not right, but at least understandable to an extent?

And let's not use the MCU as an example here. It's a comic book adaption of a super hero story, of corse the dudes are buff. It's the main point. And let's not forget that they put Scarlett Johansson in a skin tight body suit with the zipper all the way down and declared it a "functional" secret agent outfit. Yeah no.

Roflly's avatar

I am not even the same guy, I am not 18 but still you are full of crap, your imaginary cases of "sexism" in the past don't make it ok to be an ass.

Like has already been said before in the past both male characters and female characters were sexuliuzed and things were fine, then men haters like you started to create this false narrative and now only male characters are sexulized while female characters get censored and the legacy of male heroes gets destroyed to make space for hundreds of women nobody cares about.

Yeah it must have been horrible for decades to just stay at home while men had to go to war and die for your well being, or how women can ruin men simply with an accusation with him being treated as "guilty until proven innocent" or women literally costing the government more then they are paying in taxes with men havint o pick up the bill.

It really shows how disingenuous you are by saying Black Widow is sexulized, her zipper is literally fully zipped up, she never once shows cleavage like she does in the comics, nor does she have big breast. Just like all the other female actress while male characters have to lose their shirt all the time and have muscles that are impossible to hold for a long time in real life.

"Of course the dudes are buff" Lol yeah you are full of shit, look at real weight lifters or fighters, they do not look like the actors in the mcu. Sexulizing male characters is ok in your eyes but women can not under any circumstances show cleavage, skin or have big breast.

you just sound like a horrible person all together, I doubt you wil ever marry or have a happy relationship with an attitude like that.

chakaru's avatar

Thank you, THANK YOU Mister "I am not even the same guy" for putting all the cliches about this whole discussion into one post.

  1. Immediately getting personal and insulting me. Something I have never done in any of my replys here. Really makes you more believable.

  2. Raging about "stay at home" women while men had to do the hard work or go t owar. Are you for real? THIS is how you want to make your point? We are talking about sexualisation of men and women in media, not your screwed view of the world you would love to live in.

  3. The "legacy of male characters gets destroyed"? Please. I am a nerd too, but I think I have a better grasp on reality than you. It's video games an comics, not reality.

Like I said before, I literally don't care about male or female sexualisation EITHER WAY. I commented here because the OP accused the ARTIST (and remember, that's what we are actually here for) of sexualising a male protagonist by portraying a scene from actual WoW canon the WAY IT HAPPENED. Which is neither true, nor fair. Ilidan had been jailed for a long time in this scene, of corse his clothes are in tatters. What should he look like in your oppinion here? Armored up to the gills in his regalia? How is this sexualisation?! If the roles where reversed, she would be in some flimsy top and probably one of the loincloths WoW is so fond of.

And I am not going to dignify your "NO ONE WILL EVER MARRRY YOU, YOU FEMINIST SCUM" rant with a reply. You dug your own grave their without my help.

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soundsofspace's avatar

Dude I am 18, I keep hearing people bitch about this but I never played any games that you talk about.

You so called victim culture be it real or not in the past does not justify you being a sexist ass now.

You honestly sound like a bigot, trying to come with a lacy excuse for being an ass.

The only games I played have always had way more sexualized male characters then females, like god of war and spider-man for ps4 both have underwear outfits for their male characters but not a single sony exclusive has a female protagonist with big breast or cleavage, well black cat used to be drawn with big breast and cleavage in the comics for decades apparently but in the game she was all covered up.

Also I know for a fact that you are lying here. Looking at old blizard artwork they used to have both sexulized men and sexulized women and covered up women and covered up men.

It was already very equel and fair but the last 4 years or so only males have gotten more and more sexulized and lost their armor while every female got coverd up and their breast size reduced.

So your lame excuses of "I was a victim in the past so I can be a bully now" is false.

chakaru's avatar

Okay. You really want to do this? Here we go. You are right, I am female and older than you. But I am also what most people would call a vegetable: I am ace, so neither half naked males nor females do anything for me - I simply don't care. End of story, we wont mention this again. But. That's why I can't really see the "problem" with female characters being "covered up" or male characters being "half naked". I don't reduce characters to their clothing/design, thats' basically it.

So why are you so obsessed with the fact that female characters wear more clothes than you think they should? Did you really expect Black Cat, a marvel character, to look like a porn actress in a game that goes for a more realistic style? And even if she doesn't, does that make her "less" of a character? You keep whining about things that you call ME a bigot for. Are you even aware of that?

soundsofspace's avatar

funny how you are ok with male characters like kratos or peter parker looking and stripping like male strippers for no f*ing reason is ok but black cat and mj staying true their original look is "not realistic" and has to be censored.

you just a full blown hypocrite.

it's just a fact taht right now male characters being depicted half naked and unrealistically mascular is the norm and is done by the same sjws like you you cry how a female character showing of cleavage or having big breast is "sexist" and needs to be censored.

the double standard and hatred you people have for men is astonishing.

MyTurn1996's avatar

Having him be naked but her wearing armor really does make it seem like the artist is trying to sexualize violence against men.


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