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Tyrande [C]


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Raid team logo for Diplomatic Immunity! This is a version without text. 

Photoshop CC | Wacom Intuos Pro M

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© 2018 - 2021 Astri-Lohne
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Tyrande looks so pretty there ~ I especially love the way you painted her hair!
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Gotta git gud
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This is so gorgeous. 
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Sick Art as always!
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Hi! I'm following your path! Thanks for the inspiration. I've seen that you changed your tablet! How does it feel to work with this new one? May I also ask you how long did it take you to complete this piece. Your art is amazing :)
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I actually changed back to my old one, since my cintiq companion was getting very buggy and uncomfortable to work on. Working with the Intuos feels a lot better, I can sit with better posture and my eyes feel better since I'm no longer working on a tiny screen (: 

It probably took me around 8 hours! Thanks~
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Hey thank you for your detail answer! So sweet <3 ... You are already an amazing artist, but the road to perfection never ends, and I hope you continue to grow up with the same rate or faster! :)
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I can see a bit of improvement from this one 

Tyrande by Astri-Lohne

to your newest piece :) very well done! I love her facial expression and how you captured her haircolor!
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This is so amazing! I love it so much!!
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Perfeeect, lOVE ITTT!
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Love the way you painted Tyrande- especially her hair <3
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The markings look WAY too smooth and perfect. Would be nicer with some texture and less symmetry 
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That's Tyrande, and that's how Blizzard made her markings.
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you are...completely missing the point
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Just logged in to say, that's some stupid criticism right there lol.

but hey, opinions
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Why is it stupid? The rest of the piece has texture, and the markings don't, which makes them look out of place. It's not realistic for facial paint or tattoos to be that flawless and flat in colour, or that perfectly symmetrical for that matter. No artist is above critique. No artist is perfect. You're clearly passionate and biased, though. 
I don't think she can afford to waste her time detailing something that only a few will pay attention to.
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That's a weird mindset
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