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I've been wanting to do Hades fanart for aages and finally got around to it this month! The art direction in this game is just so good I can't deal - really excited to see all the award nominations and wins, it's well deserved uwu

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I love Nyx and how you did her justice in your art!

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She looks amazing! Love it
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Awesome! She looks so cool! And love her name! ;) :love:

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Literally stolen theme from Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia or whatnot

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seriously love the color palette and ambience!

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Insane, great job

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She's so beautiful...


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Nyx, goddess of the moon before Arthemis took her place. This is so beatifull.

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For your information Nyx is the goddess of the Night, the goddess of the Moon

which is too often forgotten is Selene (Which means moon in ancient greek). Artemis is the goddess of the Hunt and she's oftenly represented with a moon crescent but she is not the goddess of the Moon.

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Oh, you're right. I made a principiante mistake.

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No problem. Greek mythology can be confusing because a lot of divinities have common attributes or aspects like Apollo and Helios for example.

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It's magestic! Superb work!

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So well done! That fabric texture is incredible!

Love that Supergiant Games also allows artists to legally sell fan art of their characters!

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Fantastic capture of her grace and power.

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"So you are the entertainment? Well, entertain me."

As Your Grace wishes. Nice work, darling. Nice detail.

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Ohh, I love the little patterns on her dress, especially near the bottom. Sometimes the most subtle of details can make a big difference, and I think it compliments your style very well!

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Oooooh a beautiful Nyx !!! love it, you did very well !

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