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Jinaara [c]

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Commissioned painting of Jinaara, a lightforged fire mage, at Stromgarde! Painting Process:…
This'll be my last post of 2018 here, so I want to thank you all for your support through this somewhat sluggish year. 
Looking forward to creating better art in 2019 <3
For full resolution files, real time painting videos, tutorials and more, support me on patreon!

27 hours Photoshop CC | Wacom Intuos Pro 4 M

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I found this by acccident, by searching for Stromgarde. Good picture!

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Nice work I like it:) Woman magician-warrior. 
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Amazing character, she looks beautiful but also fearsome and mighty ! :)
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I'm so grateful for the sped up process videos on YouTube! They're both relaxing and educating to watch.
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Fav fella (Badge) 
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This may be (Hell, it definitely IS actually) the best Lightforged (or draenei) artwork I've ever seen! Outstanding!
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Awesome Lightforged Dranei, FOR THE ALLIANCE
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This is amazing!!<3
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You've done an amazing work, the colouring is fantastic and love the idea of having bodies laid across the field she stands on, showing there had been a battle
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wonderful, great work~! 
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Holy Guacamole. Amazing.
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This is incredible.
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beautiful, i love the occasional WoW art i see on the front page, also i love ur art in general astri <3
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Beauty, I call polise
HOLY MO- I mean, Holy Paladin! Wait...Mage?
Gha. Art looks great, ok?
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Great brushwork on the costume!
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