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Icecrown [C]

By Astri-Lohne
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Probably the most complex painting I've ever done, and definetly one of the most difficult! Was still fun though [:
(note to self; do more environment practice)

Photoshop CS6 | Cintiq Companion 2
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JCPabloHobbyist General Artist
Wouldn't a bow bend more if pulled taught like that?
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you don't happen to play skyrim do you? because this reminds me so much of it
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Astri-LohneProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, I love skyrim! This is based on the Icecrown expansion from World Of Warcraft though.
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dose not surprise me that skyrim and WOW share common looks
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And how much time do you spend on painting like this one?
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Astri-LohneProfessional Digital Artist
20+ hours, not quite sure
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You're a big inspiration... Please how did you learn so much about color theory? And how long have you been working and studying to reach this level? I mean how many hours per day? This is insane...
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Astri-LohneProfessional Digital Artist
thank you! I learnt color theory from youtube tutorials and photo studies. I believe you found the answer to this somewhere else, but like 8 hours of solid work a day, more or less (:
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Oh thank you... You are truly an inspiration... and 8 hours/day impressive....

I saw your tutorial on skin colors.. One of the best that I've seen...
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hido18Hobbyist General Artist
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that bow! my god... fcking amazing, LOVE your work. May i ask if you have some pay tutorials? i would definely buy it. Take care
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Astri-LohneProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I don't, sorry. 
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Came out great! Excellent work :D
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LuminaaraHobbyist General Artist
I feel like their poses are a bit stiff but apart from that it just looks gorgeous :heart: Damn I can barely imagine how long this must have taken :D I probably would have killed myself three times during the process lmaoo XD 
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nunbulProfessional Digital Artist
That's super good! May I ask how much time did this one take?
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ExeidurHobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool piece! Very nice and detailed, especially in their armour and faces. The gems in there look really cool and actually seem to give off light! I also really like the weapons and the background may not be extremely detailed, but it fits the piece and it looks amazing as well ^^
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asa-baijanProfessional Artisan Crafter
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PetitEdelweissStudent Digital Artist
They look so cool! :o
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Winter is ... sorry, wrong franchise. 
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Wow!!! :la: Definitely very intricate and the details are incredible! :love:
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Excellent work Astri :)
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Th3DutchZombi3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work love it !
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Cy-By-DesignHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the feel of Northrend in this piece. Icecrown is foreboding back there with all the other undead fiends lumbering closer... This is inspiring.
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