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Fel Scryer [C]

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Commissioned painting of a couple of demon hunters!
This was fun but simultaneously made me realize how desperately I need to revisit the fundamentals and do more studies. Working on big pieces always makes me realize how far I still have to go .-.
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Can’t get over how amazing this is!! I love the green glow! Stunning!
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Fantastic gallery!!! Are you on Patreon?
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Thanks! Not yet c:
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I love your painting style and attention to detail is superb! Excellent work, you've inspired me to draw right now. ^_^
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When I first clicked on the thumbnail, I was doing so because I like WoW's Demon Hunter class and your style of portraying them.

After I clicked on the thumbnail, I admired how you make it perfectly clear WHICH pieces of armor the figure on the right has equipped.

(It's been a long while since I've seen artwork that made me bolt upright and say aloud, "Wait a minute! I actually recognize those boots! I've WORN those boots!" LOL)
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Hey! Would you mind if I use this piece as a cosplay reference?

Best regards, 
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Thank you so so much! :D 
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Aww, they're holding hands. :heart:
Love me a little tenderness in all the fel-infused madness that is Legion. :)
Your works always invite one to look a little longer and appreciate all the details. 
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Wow sick work. This makes me want to paint like you.
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I'm just in love with this. I love your art at all, but this one is incredibly stunning!
As well it shows me how far I'm away from the painting level I want to do xD
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On lunar faith we hold strong
And thus we gained only despair
For when marched the demonic throng
Elune sowed a destiny far from fair

A well done drawing. VERY well done! Inspiring me to drift from my druidic legacy to demon-hunting one, or at least generic nelf felmancy.
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omg this is so awesome
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Whenever i see your work it just reminds me of how much I also have to go ;_;. Which is painful, but also very motivating lol

Amazing work, keep making me jealous plz
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I feel u, that's my reaction to other artists work too ;; Thank you though, I'll try(^:
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WOW! Impressive artwork, congratulations! Clap Headbang! Worship 
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My GOD these are stunning
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Stellar! So well done.
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oh man, so awesome! ♥
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