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My contest entry for Level Up With Wacom! The task was to redraw an old piece, and I chose my 2014 Ellie painting. It was a lot of fun to revisit and see how much I've learnt since then <: Excited to see the contest results, a ton of other great artists joined! 

Photoshop CS6 | Cintiq Companion 2

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Agh, ELLIE! E-Ellie!
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Such great improvement!

May I ask what resources you used to study? What exactly did you do? And how often did you practice? (:
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The blending is perfect. I love how it looks like a traditional oil painting! Her expression says a lot too!
kaze26's avatar
This is a magnificent art ;D
which paint you use for it

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Damn, how did you improve your painting so much in only 2 years? It's been 4 since I really started painting a lot digitally, and I haven't made that much improvement. Are there any resources you'd recommend(paid or free)?
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I've just been drawing and studying (almost) every day, and these past 6 months I've been drawing 5-10 hours a day which I think helped me improve a lot. I've also done tons of photo studies. 

Youtube tutorials are pretty much the only resources I currently use, they're super helpful! I recommend Level Up! Kienan Lafferty, Ahmed Aldoori and Istebrak. There are a ton of other good ones I also watch occasionally but I don't wanna overwhelm you lol 
AmbiguityArt's avatar
Thanks for the reply. I actually stopped doing photo studies in the middle of last year because I didn't feel like they were helping me, but maybe I should return to them. And that's ok, I've probably seen every art related channel there is to see on Youtube anyway lol.
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Great work :D Can't wait for TLOU 2 .
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thanks(: Neither can I!
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Awesome! You totally nailed the re-draw and you really captured the feel of the game (and, in particular, the mood of the level where you control her without Joel).  Excellent painting!
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
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I love this scene. You've captured her in action successfully. 
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thank you so much (:
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Just saw this. Awesome art. So hyped for Part II!!!
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thank you! So am I omg
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Fantastisk *_*
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Very nicely done, and you can't even compare it to the old one! Massive progress!
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thank you so much!!
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To you for sharing awesomeness ;)
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