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Corvus [C]

Commission info ArtStation | Instagram

Commissioned painting of Corvus 'Archive' Dravere, a World Of Warcraft OC~
Photoshop CS6 | Cintiq Companion 2

Recent work: 
  Nightbreeze [C] by AstriSjursen 
Protector by AstriSjursen  Gold by AstriSjursen
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That Armooorr! Wow.. Great work!
Qinlyn's avatar
Awesome work! The armor and character look amazing! Very well done!
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thank you so much!
JoshVita's avatar
Mhmm, good stuff.
JoshVita's avatar
Mhmm, no problem. Idubbbztv I'm Gay
Luminaara's avatar
wahhhh I love the lightning, the armor, his face.... this is one of your most realistic works so far! :heart:

How did you learn to paint armor so well? Just through photostudies??? :o (Eek) 
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Eeek thank you so much!<3

I've only ever done one armorstudy hahah, it was mostly through trial and error with different techniques, and observing how other artists render it + observing metal in the real world! With this one I also had really good reference paintings of armor/metal which I looked at A LOT. Reference is ur best friend, basically.
Blood-Elf-Solar's avatar
I wish the Humans looked like that in the game, Great work Clap 
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Haha same, thank you!
ARI-BLOOM's avatar
You create such realistic pieces! Great work! :heart: :love:
ARI-BLOOM's avatar
lyciphur's avatar
Wow! Simply stunning artwork, the details and realistic approach here are crazy.
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thank you so much(:
sonicman613's avatar
Ur welcome nice ID imagine
NikkiSapphireSoul's avatar
I.. love this. WoW is best game.
ArtJake's avatar
And this is how armors should've looked like in the Warcraft movie.
Huge shoulderpads are iconic for WoW style and you nailed it perfectly, also the colors work so well together in this painting, I love it.
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Still wouldn't have saved that mess of a movie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you so much though, I appreciate it!
ArtJake's avatar
Yeah so true. 
Mystressb's avatar
Wow brilliant job on this... I actually have this armor in WoW myself, this is spot on!
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