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Azeroth 2077 [C]


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Commissioned painting of Mirabella Dawnsinger, reimagined in a cyberpunk version of Azeroth. Had so much fun working on this with the client!
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Photoshop CC | Wacom Intuos Pro 4 M

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Looks great.. So, when does WoW2 come out? Haha
2DSpaceMan's avatar
Basicly Shadowrun. Very cool
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I always joked that if Warcraft ever did a major time-skip it should be called Warcraft 40k =P
Alice-RED's avatar
Very sexy.

A cyberpunk version of Azeroth, so basically the Star Craft universe. I know we got heroes of the storm but it's not really the same, I so want a Warcraft Starcraft cross over.
Kingdice20's avatar
Very well done. Love it
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I feel like I could almost touch her hair.
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Hey I've been lurking around for a while but I just want to say you are one of my favourite artists ever. I simply love all your works, especially the demon hunters. 
Simply it all looks stunning (and in the case of this one - unique). Excellent execution. Keep up the good work.  
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Oh wow, interesting concept! And wonderful execution.
alexaucube's avatar
i loved it
keep going, really
the light is amazing
Allister-Vinris's avatar
Super nive ! The writing behind, isn't it the one from the call of cthulhu game ?
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She is looking super cool there :D
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Very cool! Nicely done!
AquaticJM's avatar
Amazing job! I like the dark tones~ :)
Xzibit21's avatar
Actually this is a thng I imagine to, how would warcraft be in a cyberpunk universe.
Awesome you did this. Great art
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
It kind of is cyberpunk now.
Alice-RED's avatar
Eh more steampunk with magitech if you look at the Gnomes.
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