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Atia [C]

Commissioned by Nemhainn! Really enjoyed working on this[: Video process:

Recent work: 
  Nightbreeze [C] by AstriSjursen 
Protector by AstriSjursen  Corvus [C] by AstriSjursen  Fel Scryer [C] by AstriSjursen
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amazing work, very inspirational and awesome! :D

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loving materials
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Wow. This fan art is amazing. I like the youtube video for it.  Elves are awesome. Belfs are my second favorite race in WOW. They are a close second to nelfs. I noticed that the color contrast is a bit lower here than what I see in official art. I see how that works. There is more backlighting. There was one part in the video where the backlighting comes in. It was really strong for a moment, and then it toned down. Maybe whether to use backlighting probably depends on the situation and personal preference.
brilliant, perfect!
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Love it  great  work !!!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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This is awesome! Great work Izuku Excited Icon  Meiko Honma Menma (Excited) [V1] Spazzing out chat icon Excited Athur 
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Dynamic work! cool!
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really love your pieces, they are awesome!
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breath taking. have you ever used Paint Tool SAI?
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thanks! yeah, I used it back when I was 13 and drawing anime. why? 
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i was just wondering, because i'm starting to get back into art ( i took a small hiatus from art for a year or two. ) and i wanted to know, which software do you prefer?
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I definetly prefer Photoshop. Way more professional and advanced.
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ahh i see. should i start off with SAI?
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I'd honestly recommend going straight to photoshop. It's a very steep learning curve, but it's worth it.
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I wish I could play warcraft.

Really nice artwork!
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This is so wonderful ;w; Such lovely detailing and composition~ 
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thank you so much!
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