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Ashoke [C]

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Another commission, this time of MercuryAshoke's character Ashoke~
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Oh yes, I am in love with this piece. She Looks a little devious, wild and beautiful all the same. Great coloring and shading technique. Loving the eyes especially!
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I'm constantly blown away by your talent, lady.  You're truly inspiring!  I know this character and I couldn't even have imagined her any more perfect than you've painted her.  Amazing.
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Ahh, thank you so much! I really appreciate that.
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Sweet goodness!  Just how I'd picture her :D  
The lighting is LOVELY and the hair texture especially has me staring! 
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Thank you so much :heart:
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Something about this is disturbingly good!
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Haha, thank you!
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Fantastic work! 
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It looks too weird with the horns and ears. :S
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Wow, amazing work! :)
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When I first saw this Miss Astri, I was legitimately in tears. And when I showed it to the people who have RPed with my character for 10+ years ALL of them demanded to see the rest of your work. You have captured so much personality in her pose and in her expression. I personally love that you took the wedding ring design and put it on her wrists because a friend of mine in character actually black-smithed her a pair of plate bracers that can handle her in game transformations, that now in my head cannon appear as YOU have drawn them. On top of that my Guild Master said that the portrait seems like something Ashoke's family (a patron family of the arts based on the Medici family) would hang something like THIS in a hall to have a formal depiction of her.

TLDR Here: I hope Xarish conveyed just how happy I am with this piece it is to date my favorite birthday gift ever. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Never stop being so fantastic! 
Astri-Lohne's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm extremely glad you like it! I actually thought the rings were wrist bangles for some reason haha, glad it worked out though(': 

I actually don't have any OCs at all, but thank you so much for offering, I really appreciate that! And again, thank you so much for your kind comment <3 
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Hey it worked out amazingly and I love it. You keep this amazing work.  I will always be enamored with it.
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She turned out so perfect
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PS: I am no where near as talented but I'd love to try and draw one of your OCs or just something for you too as a thank you. Speaking as someone who loves to draw and so rarely is able to have something drawn for -me-, just let me know if you have something you'd like.
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