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Armour Study

By Astri-Lohne
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The past dozen or so paintings I've worked on have been incredibly challenging and difficult to finish - my observation and painting skills feel like they're rusted and stuck, if that makes any sense at all. 
Whenever I feel like this I know it's time to get my shit together and start doing regular studies again, no matter how busy I am. After all, the ability to observe is like a muscle, and needs to be trained often to keep itself strong. 
With this one I wanted to get a refresh on basically everything I paint often, with a focus on armour rendering. 

I've included some breakdowns of the things I remembered/discovered in the process of studying this on artstation, mostly to hammer it into my own brain, but hopefully it can help out some of you too c: 

Reference courtesy of Douglas Herring…

Photoshop CC - Wacom Intuos Pro 4 M - 6-7 hours
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wtf, this is very well done !

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Armor can look every bit as beautiful as a dress on a woman. 
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so beautifully done
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Why does she have her butt stuck out?
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Sabes que es profesional cuando el calcado queda mil veces mejor que el original! jajaja!.
Astri! me aconsejas brushes para armadura!. Porfavor Gracias!

You know what is professional when the copy is a thousand times better than the original! Hahaha !.

 Astri! You advise me the brushes for armor!. Please Thank you.Hug 
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Out of this world painting!
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Wow, until I expanded the picture, I thought this was a photo you used for reference. @_@
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well, the armor do look amazing. (The hair too)
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i have no idea how people manage to paint this realistically
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Whoa, love the detail on this! :O 
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fantastisk arbeid!
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I love how detailed it is! I learned a lot from your advice on how to draw metal and I especially like the intensity of her stare...I also think her braid is really pretty. I love how you combine colours!! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
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The armor is fantastic, I almost thought it was real though because of the face. I had to zoom in and see the hand before I could even begin to realize this was mere art! And mere, really does this piece an in justice - it is not mere by any means as it is absolutely fantastic. Bravo and well done!
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Amazing work !

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usualy the shoulders are asymmetric, one shoulder, for exemple if the worriore are righthanded the right shoulder are smalest for give a little more ability and the left shoulder a bigger for adding more protection. I also give you a image of armure glove for you
A by Rockraiven  
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I get you! It's so important to keep the base fresh, Your work gave me the strength to practice more :) Keep up the good work!
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Absolutely amazing!!
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