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Long time no see! Figured it was time to check in here and update the portfolio a bit C: If you're still around, I'm a lot more active on TwitterInstagram and Patreon these days! 

A painting of my original character, Axyl. She's part of a personal project I'm working on, called RUNIC * 
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Why is THIS not in art gallery? I get historical art, but modern "artists" that get to the galleries, are either political and got in through politics, or controversial enough, to advertise the gallery... It makes me sad seeing how many genuinely good artists here on deviantart are not seen or recognized by their talent... I saw many end up doing porn in the end, which saddens me even more... I hope that will change one day and I hope my good word, at least makes you feel better for a minute... I am sorry I can't do more...

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This Dragon Lady is Amazing!! the color and the form!

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Love it, this is incredible, I look forward to see much of RUNIC

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Awesome⚡⚡ Just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job
Plz check out my artworks too 🌸🌸
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