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Dragon Slayer Sketchdump

I asked the same thing on tumblr, so i guess i should do the same here too.

Who's your favorite dragon slayer? I will draw a colored, full-body version of the character with the most votes!
(i forgot to put a deadline but i guess it would be a week after i posted this so it's until May 19 only.)


just in case you're wondering why the signature is different, that's my username on tumblr XD
feel free to visit me there! [link]

i'm also hosting an art giveaway, click this link for more details: [link]
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I wish their was a second female dragon slayer.  
Rogue kinda looks like Nagato from Naruto Shippuden
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Cool! Really good job!
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i lovvvve the way you draw Wendy *O* she's awesome and the boys omg Fangirl - Lucy Fairy Tail  just a wonderful draw good work ;) Okay - Lucy Fairy Tail 
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they look like adults
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So Natsu reminds me of his English dubbed actor, Todd Haberkorn, this is too perfect <3
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No voting but i like ......all :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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This looks Awesome!!!
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My favorites are Gajeel and Laxus, i really like your art style!
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Nice;-) the dragons slayers :-)
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wow I really like this a lot! :love: and to answer you question mine would have to be Laxus as he's my favourite character in the whole of fairy tail but I love them all! :heart:
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Whoahoahoa!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O
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This is awesome! Oh, and I vote for Natsu!
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I vote for Cobra (Erik). It's just a wonderful work!
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Awesome work maan...
Love it :love:
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I love it! x3
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i vote for sting :3
and amazing sketches btw ^-^
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Natsu is my favorite Dragons slayer, but I love how you drew Wendy here, she looks so awesome!
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whoaa that's awesome!

I like the different colors
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Gotta vote for Laxus. Not even close.
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