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Dragon Slayer Portrait Project : Gajeel

and then i decided to color Gajeel from my Dragon Slayer sketches [link] because again, he did not show up in the latest manga chapter (FT333) *sigh*

I will be posting one dragon slayer every friday. Next week, it's gonna be Rogue because obviously the chapter's about him.

also, astrayeah is my username on tumblr, i'm too lazy to change the watermark haha! visit me there too! [link]
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MP280 series
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Love this entire series of portraits!!
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Gajeel! >O<

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This style is so gorgeous. What tools did you use? How long did this take you? I'm actually so damn impressed with this (as well as all of your fairy tail portraits).
Gajeel you just keep doing what you do you're perfect okay.
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Oh! first i drew him on paper, scanned it and colored it on Adobe Photoshop CS5. :D and thanks again! <3
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That's a great drawing off him!
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Awesommee * o *
I really love your style <3
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It looks really good, I like the style you're using =)
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this is amazing and oh I know he's so lovely too! he needs more feature/screen time in general! He's my second fave dragon slayer after all! :love:
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its realy goood ...... i just read the latest chapter its shame that gajeel isant in it
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