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Trinket by astrapocalypse Trinket :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 5 2
esk - origin prompt - trinket's purpose
Trinket lays herself out on a warm stone, staring directly up at the noonday sun. Her trap isn't so happy about its step being crushed, which is to say, she's not so happy about it. But she likes to pretend that it is a friend, that it has opinions and wants and desires just like her, even though it isn't actually a separate entity. But that's all it is: pretend. It's not like Trinket is stupid.
She knows that the trap is a part of her. She also knows that she is a collection of parts, something she'd investigated for herself very early, staring into the tranquil pools of water in the site of her creation.
What is Trinket? Trinket is two eyes and a face. Trinket is four limbs with three digits on each. Trinket is a tail that floats, and fluff that does too. Trinket is bright almost all over, and glows where there is darkness. Trinket is the trap that wiggles and snaps and grows.
She is all of these things bundled up into one. She is all of these piece
:iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 0 0
esk - vienna and ember by astrapocalypse esk - vienna and ember :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 35 6 stygian - palette 2 by astrapocalypse stygian - palette 2 :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 6 7 stygian - palette 1 by astrapocalypse stygian - palette 1 :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 3 2 esk - circe and toby by astrapocalypse esk - circe and toby :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 17 8 esk - dawn by astrapocalypse esk - dawn :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 20 4
esk - origin prompt - gaela - meeting the esk
She starts so small, as these sorts always do. She starts with a flame, just the one, a smuggled match lit shakily in the dark of her room. She cups it in her small palm, and it is so delicate and so small. The frisson of light and heat blooms against her face for just a moment, and her fingers singe as she holds on just a little too long. It burns down to nothing but a withered splinter, and what hurts most is that it is gone
With shaking hands, Gaela lights another, and then another, unable to stop herself as soon as the first one sparks. The small booklet of matches she'd pilfered from the junk drawer grows diminished until it is empty, leaving her bereft. She carefully packs all the remnants of her first foray into a plastic bag, and slides it into a zippered pocket in her backpack, to be disposed of on her walk to school. 
She carefully closes her window, quiet as a mouse, and does not sleep a wink before morning's light.
The thing is...
The t
:iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 3 3
esk - origin prompt - gaela - losing their way by astrapocalypse esk - origin prompt - gaela - losing their way :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 14 3
The Entity
They wake and they are hungry, they wake and they are lonely. They wake and find it strange to do so at all, synapses firing at a million miles a second, synthetic and not-quite-alive. Synapses is the wrong word, but so too is processor, so too is programming, so too is biological drive. They breathe and it is sharp and sterile, soaked in chlorine and nostalgic-- oh.
Why is it that, when they can remember nothing at all? Firing, firing, firing, a railgun without reloading, confusion whirring to life as they sit up and assemble the pieces of their identity, hair falling into their eyes. Facts click into place, and somewhere they are aware that they are an Entity, created and assembled on a not-quite factory line. With it comes the knowledge that they are an experiment long-removed from scientific curiosity alone-- a commodity.
It is why they have no name, The Entity realizes. They are a product that has been incrementally advanced over days and week and years, with a changelist number r
:iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 0 0
esk - kamea by astrapocalypse esk - kamea :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 3 0 esk - val by astrapocalypse esk - val :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 21 5 esk - choux and pickstitch by astrapocalypse esk - choux and pickstitch :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 17 4 esk - pudge and senja by astrapocalypse esk - pudge and senja :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 15 6 esk - wish by astrapocalypse esk - wish :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 10 2 esk - variable by astrapocalypse esk - variable :iconastrapocalypse:astrapocalypse 19 0


to do list

Tiny Pixel Sparkle by EmpressOfRoses 1x writing jenn - prompt

i am blueberrygoblin's coordinator!

If you need to contact blueberrygoblin, you've come to the right place!

You can contact me by:
- noting me
- commenting on my profile
- discord at debz✨#6666
- email me at clerise @ gmail . com

I hope to help work together to solve any outstanding questions or concerns you may have!

are you an esk FTO with 100 AP? check out maru's free esk transformation raffle!! 

1 deviant said IT'S IN THE MOUNTAINS
No deviants said…

I am seeking masterlist art for two esks. Will pay in USD, please list your price for the one you'd like to do. <3 Feel free to note me or get me on discord at debz✨#6666. 

Edit: I forgot bundling TF requests with $ was not allowed! Pls forgive me mods <33 That option has been removed to comply with TWWM rules!

1. Clerise - Pending

Seeking both a left/right side view. 
About the size of a clydesdale horse, built like a lion (shaggy mane), extremely sturdy, strong.
Formerly a circus performer (acrobat!) and is very loud, excitable, talkative and crude. Her colors are highly saturated. The opposite side are not scars, but instead the sharp red of the underside of her paws/red eyes.

Unknown[1] by astrapocalypse
Unknown[1] by astrapocalypse
Nature: vivacious
Boundary: overgrown circus lot
Size: absolute unit
Uncommon traits: 
eyespots, bold markings, bright markings, shaggy, claws, false ears, socks
Rare traits: bright eye, bright colouration, flexible tail

Morph: n/a
Nature features: sunflowers, japanese honeysuckle vine 

2. Kostya - Pending

About the size of a coyote, built lean. Not spindly or delicate, but not very imposing. 
Formerly a Russian hitman, he is silent, stoic, emotionless save a general air of disdain for his existence. The black on his chest looks like spreading corruption, and all his reds are sharp and glow.

Unknown[1] by astrapocalypse

Origin: trespasser
Nature: devoid
Boundary: urban courtyard
Size: efficient
Uncommon traits: Tail Tip Marking, Chest Marking, Eyespots, Dark Mask, Bold Markings, Bright Markings, Claws, Spurs, False Ears
Rare traits: Bright Eye, Glowing Markings
Morph: n/a
Nature features: dead branches, obsidian
Some family things have come up. USD only. Please make a chain if you're bidding.

Payment plans ok but upfront required, please list terms in comment.

L 001 by stygianlist

L 020 by stygianlist
Min 675

S 172 by stygianlist
min 100

H 007 by stygianlist
Min 100

S 009 by stygianlist S 064 by stygianlist

S 072 by stygianlist
Min 75

D 183 by stygianlist


work stress really has me down :( sorry if i am unresponsive and slow-- i promise to work on owed stuff soon, but my quality is really suffering rn for stuff i actually care about lol 
sorry i havent replied to my plotting thread for some of you yet, i promise to today or tomorrow!! :D <333
Yeh by astrapocalypse  

finally making progress on the yeh -- sorry for the wait! artblock & depression tang is one hell of a ride, but i've got my mojo back :D


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Commishes are OPEN!
30 Slots - Pixel Commishes [OPEN]Since I got better with pixel art, this is my pixel pagedoll pricelist!
Please pay attention on these info, before ordering.
Important Info
• The order of these are first paid, first served
• The further down you are on the list, the longer you'll have to wait for your order
• I have provided a "order form" at the bottom of this journal, please use it.
• Additional characters cost the same as the original price, that includes characters together on the same image.
• If you're looking for it to be commercial use, the final price will be much higher!
I can draw:

• Kemonomimi (Male, Female);
• Humans, Elves, Cyclops (Male, Female);
I won't draw:
• Anthro (I need more practice, sorry);
• NSFW/Nudity/Sexual Themes;
• Anything else I might be uncomfortable with, ask if unsure ♥
Payment Methods:
Art Commishes - Points and Paypal [OPEN]Hiho everyone ♥
Since I got better at drawing, this is my commisshes pricelist!
Please pay attention on these info, before ordering.
Important Info

• My PayPal e-mail is:
• The order of these are first paid, first served
• The further down you are on the list, the longer you'll have to wait for your order
• I have provided a "order form" at the bottom of this journal, please use it.
IMPORTANT: The prices may be increased depending on the complexity of your order!!
Additional characters cost the same as the original price (Example: 2 Headshots $12 = $24), that includes characters together on the same image.
If you're looking for it to be commercial use, the final price will be much higher!
I can draw:
• Women (Human, Elf, Fairy, Mermaid, Neko);
• Men (Huma

Also, Kemonomimi Adopts Batch #1 is here!
Auctions are open ♥
[AUCTION OPEN] Kemonomimi Adopts Batch by VerysArt 

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