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Kitty Song, '40s edition

By AstraphUriel
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I started humming this song when circling around a King Tiger with my KV-13...
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kristhephoenix's avatar
sheldons new "in a happy place" song :D
hmmm new soundtrack for now?

Enrico1946's avatar
lol just like the Blackadder's poem on 'The German Guns' with more Booms Than Kitties..
SLmanen98's avatar
End of the line XD

Playful-Absol's avatar
hehehe. i love my KV-13~!
WorldofTanks's avatar
How about do this to the Hellkitten. XD
Tempestwulf's avatar
Circle of death, gotta love it. I did that in my Cromwell a couple times lol
AstraphUriel's avatar
I sometimes miss old good times when schmalturm PzIVs were so common... Trolling them with my T-46's autocannon was the best feeling ever :D
jdh92296's avatar
lol , poor king tiger xD
AstraphUriel's avatar
Well, they usually have their revenge whan I'm playing KV-3 or KV-4... Their lower frontal may be a weakspot, but it's hard to hit it with Soviet guns...
jdh92296's avatar
yeah not so much for my favored American heavies XD we specialize in 2 things turret armor and gun depression .
AstraphUriel's avatar
I'm currently hoarding Free XP to skip M6 and buyt T29 with 90mm gun already installed... I very much like T1, but the thought of playing the same tank all over again at tier VI makes me shiver...
jdh92296's avatar
M6 is ok but like you said it is very similar to T1
Dartmaul15's avatar
may i ad my 2cents here? I might not be a pro, but combine the m6 (or any tank) with the 6th sense perk, and you slaughter all.
Also, guess why i never move alone.
jdh92296's avatar
true but i sold mine as soon as i got T29, transferred crew and now my T29 and T110E5 both have 6th sense.
Dartmaul15's avatar
I plan it to keep it as a moneymaker/fun tank.
It's so fun to make kv-1s rage whne you plink away theri hp at 300m range ^^
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