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A Night of Illusions

A paper theatre that I created for abstractjet :iconabstractjet:. This is in the tradition of the Victorian paper theatres that consisted of panels. (Yes, this is where I have been the last week or so :D ).

Very grateful to the stockholders:

Falln-stock [link]
BloodyMarie-stock [link]
JinxMim [link]
Peroni68 [link]
Mizzd-stock Exclusive [link]
DigitalHomicide [link]
MustangMoon [link]
PlayingWithBrushes [link]
Insomnia-stock: [link]

All else from my resources.
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This reminds me of Tim Burton's work and a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McClean called "Mr Punch". It has the same dark, surreal Victorian feel. Love the composition and the colour Ll adds to the atmosphere!
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Thank you so much...I really appreciate your comment. I will have to check into the graphic love that era...and anything dark actually!!! :D I'm so happy you like it. :D
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This is so cool!!! I love the colours and atmosphere of this piece.
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Thank you so much! :hug: :heart:
beyzayildirim77's avatar
wooowwww...!!!! superb.
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Thank you so much. :woohoo:
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You're very welcome.....:)
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So this is a collage of pictures of the actual object?
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Yes, the theatre in the center is the actual piece and then everything behind are closeups. It's about 14 inches tall and 13 inches wide. :)
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seems like a nice object. I don't care for this picture presentation though. too noisy.
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Yes, I understand that...I didn't want to clutter my gallery with pics of the same thing. Thank you for the feedback...appreciated. :)
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Wonderful work!!:love:
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Thank you, thank you. :D :hug:
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WOW WOW WOW!!!! I am speechless!!!!! I feel a bit emotional if you want me to be are unbelievable..i feel like the luckiest girl ever right now!!!! I am in love..the colors, is like you went into my mind and created a real life scene...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can not express how grateful, excited and overwhelmed i am..i cant wait to see in real life..I hope you feel the same about your piece..she is made especially for you!!!
astrangeallure's avatar
Oh, I'm so happy you like it! Like yours, it's a one of a kind...though I might do something digital with it?? But maybe not.

I do love what you created for me...I really am so excited to display it...I have already cleared a spot!!! And I don't even know how big it is!!! LOL...I'll make it work. :D

Thank you,'s been an awesome experience. :) :hug:
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Me has been find another artist who pours their soul into a piece to swap with a amazing..we trust in the fact that we are kindred spirits who just love art and everything having to do with it...i am honored..really! Your piece is about 10-11 inches tall maybe..she will fit nicely anywhere. She is a one of kind. I will miss the oil lamp she is made is gorgeous...and now it belongs to you...You should be proud of your is unbelievable!!! Let me know when you receive package..i am dying to hear your thoughts..
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I feel the same way, Jet. Thank you for using your beloved oil lamp...I know that was hard and I am honored that you chose to use it in the piece you created for me. Thank you, thank you. And let me know when you receive yours...oh, I meant to tell you, I stuck the top pearl on the side, I was worried about it shipping with it ontop...the hole is already there, just stick it may need to add some glue.

And just want to say that you have definitely inspired me, I have been gathering all of these things for years now and I know that they belong in an assemblage, just wasn't sure what in the world to do...and I get the sense from you that you're a JUST DO IT! artist, 'cause you never know until you try. I like that, love that about you. So, that's what I'm gonna do. :D

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Sure..i knew I had to make you something very special..a one of a kind piece that no one else in the world will have! You are the sweetest person to trade with me..and to put so much time into the piece for really means so much..Ok i will look for the pearl and glue if needed..I know that nervous feeling of work is put together with gorilla glue and hot glue..I hope my piece for you will be intact when you receive it is always a worry..but it will be great..I went crazy with the rubber cement! She is very fragile will see..
That makes me feel so good..that you are inspired by my sense of art and work. Oh yes..I am a JUST DO IT artist for sure..A mad scientist of sorts..playing until i like what i see..GO FOR IT with the is so much fun..never ending possibilities can come to imagination is so crazy that i find this medium really gives me the satisfaction to bring all that i see in my mind to life! I cant wait to see what you create with all your collected items!!! I will let you know when I receive your package..and you do the same...
Lots of Love
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I'll definitely let you know...I was hoping mine would reach you by today...they said three business days...hopefully by tomorrow in one piece. :)
abstractjet's avatar
Yes my darling friend..i received today..i am floored at the shear magnificence of it...i keep looking at it..i had a bad day it couldnt have come at a better time..i had a surgery today and have been feeling awful all day until my husband brought in this amazing box for me..and i see it is from you...i opened it and cried..i am in love with it..i will take great care of your precious piece..and yours in on the way..i had my hubby take it back down to the post office this afternoon..had a complication there yesterday...but all is resolved..keep your eye out..should be to you by Saturday..lots of love..your a great made my day! J
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