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Petra's Lament

Petra, my medieval/fantasy OC. She's an Eclipse Caste Solar Exalt and is otherwise known as The Resplendent Princess.

The dramatic little gyspy is pictured here in her room at an Inn in Lenan after yet another spat with Kade. Devastated she pauses only to gather her wits about her, back to the door before gathering her things and fleeing before the Sun began to rise.

It does not bode well with me to run again, but I cannot bear this.. I never want to see him again. He will forget me, it will be easy for Kade.

For those who might wonder, she does indeed come back. Eventually. With a bit of gifted sushi, she offers her apologies to Kade and they go on much the same as before, as though nothing had ever passed between them.

- - -

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This is really well done! I can see definite improvement through your gallery, so keep going!
The dull colours and shadows really give this piece the emotion you've described.