What made you decide to join DA?
318 votes

to find cool art

to improve your artistic skills

to buy art

to sell art

to find an audience for your art

Other (please comment)

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By Astralseed
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My friend made me discover the site a long time ago. Before having my own account,my friend shared his account with me,where I used to post my art. Years has passed and I've made my own account and I took off all the art I had in his account and moved them to mine. Years ago,I didn't really understand how the site worked,and I possibly made lots of mistakes and such. But time has passed and I grew mature and more polite.

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I had, for a,long time, followed Elfwood. But my art was never high skille, though I enjoyed drawing. I found dA as a place where all skill levels were represented, and I discovered HARPG pretty rapidly. As the site gained popularity, there got to be a lot more highly skilled artists, and I've considered leaving because of the cliqueyness, particularly back in 2011-2012, but I'm still here

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To find Twilight Fan Art.

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Lmao I remember joining this site out of spite back in 2014 cause I got envious over an old friend irl being here. Got over that (they’re on Tumblr now tho), found this place to be incredibly cool, and met someone here who I consider as the first person who actually LIKED my old art although they’d long since moved to Twitter. Also I found several of my art idols here WAY before I even had an account.

Now I find myself sitting in a hollow shell of what this site once was.

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:D out of spite! That is amazing!

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Joined cause I had known someone irl who happens to have an account on here, but stuck around for the cool community and awesome art! I wasn't ever really the artistic type myself, but I never fail to be inspired by the impressive work on this site.

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just cause idk

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Its a multitude of these options I'd say. If I'm ever less busy, I'd like to try finding an audience but for right now, I feel It's important for me to personally get over the uncertainty of posting stuff online. I need to be willing to share my skills if I am to improve elsewhere and have new opportunities available for me

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Is there an I'm lonely and need validation option?

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*stamps you as valid*

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Ah where’s the all button-

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Bem, no meu caso para ter ideias e melhorar meus dezenhos.😉

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Honestly, I initially joined just so I can store my art stuff

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It feels so long ago. Lol At the time I would go to the library to burn time until my parents got off work and I needed something to do. I was a heavy reader so I used the opportunity to use the computers as a "break" from reading. That was how I found both Elfwood and DeviantArt. I had my account for quite a long time before my first upload.

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Honestly it was by my friend's recommendation, I used to do art just for myself but friendo wanted to see how the fan art would do (and posting stuff for small fandoms is always a win for the community lol)

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To use the Favorites feature so I could come back and look at nice artwork over and over again.

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to have a place to keep my art safe mine gets ripped up by my dad at times so my oldest art is from this year.

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I'm really sad to hear that your dad rips up your art. I wish more parents were supportive of their artist kids!

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he only does it when i'm in trouble other wise supports me.

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Kind of because I wanted to post my art online, but more because two of my good online friends were here as well. They're not on much anymore, but I've improved with my art and have met many other great people here as well. ^^

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I’ve been here for a little I just don’t post much

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I basically came here to draw and share my art. I also like to write stories/books just for the fun of it. I also wanted to see everyone else's art and how they were improving.

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I’m new to this and I really hope people like my art

im not very good

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