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Welcome to Daily Deviations week!

Over the course of this week we'll celebrate the positive side of DDs and discuss the negatives, allay some fears, and address some myths in the hopes that all members of dA will have a better understanding of how and why DDs are featured.  We hope that everyone will enjoy what we have prepared for you all as we tried to incorporate the feedback you have so generously given us as we prepared for this week. We hope that we will address your concerns, but feel free to ask questions at any time!

This weeks schedule

Monday AM: Welcome to DD Week - Astralseed
Monday PM: Community Voices: What is a Daily Deviation? - Aeirmid

Tuesday AM: Daily Deviations: The Myth and the Legend - Aeirmid
Tuesday PM: Daily Deviations- So you want to suggest DDs - alexandrasalas
Wednesday AM: Why did an icon get a DD? - Hardrockangel
Wednesday PM: Tolerance Towards Daily Deviations - Talty  

Thursday AM: DDs: When it's not always positive - Aeirmid & Astralseed
Thursday PM: A DD is not an award but an art feature - Hardrockangel

Friday AM: Interview with DD suggester Minato-Kushina - Astralseed
Friday PM: Interview with multiple DD recipient omgitsacat - Astralseed

Saturday AM: Daily Deviations- Presentation of your work - BeccaJS
Saturday PM: Note to Daily Deviation - Astralseed

Sunday AM: What to do if.. - 3wyl
Sunday PM: Chat event in #CommunityRelations 2pm EST - Astralseed
Sunday PM: Closing article - Astralseed

We look forward to sharing a wonderful week with everyone.

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FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
Why isn't it mentioned there to contact the CV initially?
Lyricanna's avatar
Because people are supposed to contact $Moonbeam13 with any gripes, not the CVs, as the FAQ says and as Moonbeam has requested =) She sees it as a part of her job, not our volunteer role.
phoenixleo's avatar
I am aware of that. :nod: But I meant something that I explained here.
Astralseed's avatar
I don't know, I didn't write the faq.
phoenixleo's avatar
Would it be alright to ask whether CVs can discuss this with $Moonbeam13? Because often times, and generally CVs do ask that rather than complaining on the work that got the DD, and other users reply to the posts to contact $Moonbeam13 (and that FAQ) , or those who are more aware, the CVs first (even CVs sometimes say it in the deviations). Yet, I see some poor tempered person reply back they asked Danie and she either noted to contact the CV, etc etc (we regular users have no way to confirm what really happened).

So wouldn't that be a helpful nudge to take a look at the FAQ, regardless of whoever wrote it or not? Or discuss it?
Astralseed's avatar
:nod: I think you're right that it might be worth looking at the faq, I'll pass the info on :)
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Added to #DevNews for Aug. 17th's Edition!

This is such a completely great series of Articles!

Thank you! :thanks:
Minato-Kushina's avatar
This is gonna be an awesome week! :happybounce: :party:

So many articles and opinions stated, they will really help and inform all of us in this great thing called Daily Deviation. :heart:

Thank you dear CVs, for this interesting idea and all your care and support through this week. :hug:
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I have an article that I'm going to post soon. But I need Community Support - Community Comments - to make it happen!

[link] There's the 1st article!
phoenixleo's avatar
Who here, that aren't CVs received notes from others to suggest their work or feature their work as a DD?
Raise your hands :la:
Astralseed's avatar
I actually used to get DD suggestions from time to time before I was a CV.
phoenixleo's avatar
Which categories? :lol:
Astralseed's avatar
uhm.. digital mostly.. I think anime & manga once as well
phoenixleo's avatar
oooh. :giggle:
Good though. You have a good eye on several categories.
Astralseed's avatar
I think it was a variation between being a senior member and being a regular suggester as well as featuring users regularly in #ProjectPorkchop so I openly accepted "suggestions" just not DD suggestions lol. I assume it may have confused some members.
phoenixleo's avatar
Ah yea. That's more like it. And you also sometimes suggest awesome works you feature in your PC as a DD. So that as well. xD
JamminJo's avatar
Many, many times :iconwave-plz:
Hardrockangel's avatar
Before I was a CV, I used to get notes from people with a "suggest this please".
With one incident, it turned out the guy had stolen all the art in his gallery and had sent the same note to well over 20 people.
It wasn't a pretty sight. :lol:
phoenixleo's avatar
Not one from that but did get one who noted a lot of people though. xD
And one which somehow caught drama like honey to bees.
Hardrockangel's avatar
I think the minute people notice you're a pretty active suggester in certain categories, they will ask you to suggest them.
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