Suicide Awareness Week: Coping and Seeking Help

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Whether you are aware of a cause or not, it can be difficult to relate to others at this time, so you are likely to feel withdrawn or irritable. Even if you have family and friends around, you may find it impossible to tell them how bad you feel.

Coping with Suicidal Feelings

:bulletyellow: Take some time each day to find at least one positive thing in your life or take some time out to do something positive that you want to do, even if it is very minor.  If you are unable to do this on your own, ask a friend to help you come up with something positive to focus on.  

:bulletyellow: Find a support system, be it a family member, friend, or even just a therapist, it's important to have someone to go to who you can lean on and trust for support and guidance.  

:bulletyellow: Remind yourself that your pain is distorting your thinking right now. These thoughts are merely symptoms of your depression, and are not necessarily facts.  You do not have to act on them.

Using the Senses to Distract Yourself

Sight - Focus your attention on looking at something nice, nature, a painting, watching a favourite programme or movie
Sound - Listen to a favourite piece of music, sounds of nature, sing
Smell - Really notice smells - favourite soap, food, essential oil.
Taste - Use sensation of taste to focus your attention. Eat mindfully - savouring each moment
Touch - Wear soft comforting socks, stroke a pet, take a bubble bath

:bulletyellow:Avoid drugs and alcohol
Although you may think they can help, drugs and alcohol will only intensify the thoughts.
Drugs and alcohol are depressants and can further distort your chemical make up within your brain, making things worse rather than better in the long run. Remember that Drugs and alcohol only give a temporary illusion of relief and then leave you feeling worse than before.  

:bulletyellow:Make your home safe
If you are prone to self harm, or feel you may harm yourself the best thing you can do is go and stay with someone or have someone else stay with you.  Aside from that there are other things you can do to help make your home at least a little bit safer for yourself (and anyone else living with you).  You can also throw out any items which you feel you might use to harm yourself or give them to a friend or family member for safe keeping out of your home.  

Seeking Help

Being suicidal simply means that you are experiencing more pain, physical/emotional/or otherwise, than you currently know how to cope with.  Taking that into consideration, reaching out for assistance can help ease some of your pain and help you through this difficult time in your life.  While I have already talked about having friends and or family as a support system, I'd like to remind you once more how important and helpful such support can be, but also make sure you are aware of other types of help.  

:bulletyellow:Suicide Prevention Lines
If you are in crisis or having thoughts about suicide, please call the National Hopeline immediately. Your call will be connected to a certified 24-hour crisis center closest to your calling location.
(for anyone outside of the US I suggest searching the internet for help lines like these in your own country)

:bulletyellow:Doctors and Therapists
Since you may be suffering from a chemical imbalance which is perhaps even to blame for your suicidal thoughts/feelings, it's a good idea to get an appointment and see a doctor and or therapist.  This can help give you a medical evaluation of what all is really happening and then you can work on ways to solve the underlying problem or at least get some relief from it.  

If you can not afford to see a Doctor or therapist you can seek out clinics that have reduced rates, some even offer their services free of charge, you just have to look around and ask where you can get the help you need.  For listings in your area, you can also call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).  

In closing

Suicidal thoughts are a serious matter that require care and support from family and friends as well as medical professionals.  If you ever feel suicidal please don't be afraid to reach out to someone and let them know what you are feeling and thinking.  Let someone help you through this difficult period in your life, you'll be thankful that you did in the long run.  

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Your doing such a great job with this, Katy. It's not a easy topic but it's a important one