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ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


The Cloud Makers by Tangmaelon Childhood Garden by Tangmaelon The Year of Dragon by Tangmaelon In to the Woods... by Tangmaelon

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Sunlit by Ellessy Lost by Ellessy Fierce by Ellessy Eternal Adoration by Ellessy

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Birth of the  happiness by AmokDreams I will show you everything by AmokDreams Discovering by AmokDreams Love cats by AmokDreams

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Embrace by jennikabastian Grasping by jennikabastian In Between by jennikabastian Hide by jennikabastian

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Space journey by PulpoGlow In the wastelands by PulpoGlow Tecnopolis by PulpoGlow Giant cat rocky walker by PulpoGlow

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You've been featured here!
Enjoy ;)
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Thanks so much for featuring me! ♥
Astralseed's avatar
You're very welcome :hug:
awaicu's avatar
Awesome features as always! :meow:
I am always stunned by the amazing artwork/artists that get featured here - how do you find them all!? :3
Astralseed's avatar
Some come through my message center from groups I watch, some I find just browsing, others ^LaserBeast shows me and the rest are suggested with suggesters listed :)
awaicu's avatar
Well, that's quite the team and you all put together some amazing features! Honestly, I always look forward to the new volumes! I will have to try and suggest some artists as I come across them! C:
Astralseed's avatar
That would be great, I always love getting suggestions for PPc :)
awaicu's avatar
Awesome, I will be sure to send any artists I find your way! I have always loved trying to help out with promoting artwork and I really love this group/its dedication to that cause.

Oh, yes, I just finished cleaning up my profile and I added in a little Project Porkchop feature box as well :D
I hope that it helps promote the group some, I will update the thumbnail with the most recent volumes as they are published :la:
Astralseed's avatar
:heart: thank you that is greatly appreciated!!!
awaicu's avatar
Not a problem! :3
Aeirmid's avatar
really, really nice selection!! Best of luck to these fantastic artists. :heart:
Astralseed's avatar
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