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Welcome to Painted Portrait, a new Interview series focusing on traditional artists worth keeping an eye on.  Painted Portrait interviews aim to give the community more insight into talented traditional artists and how they came to be successful with their art.  Today we are interviewing ZawArt.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you, let's start off by having you introduce yourself.
-Hello! I'm one of the millions of users at this noble portal. As you can see by my gallery, I draw a little bit, on wood, on leather, on paper... Just another ordinary guy who likes spending time on creating.

Your gallery is filled with incredibly intricate drawings including celtic knots and the like, what inspires your drawings?
-Oh, this will be a rather standard answer... I'm not unique in this matter, as most of the creating brothers and sisters, I'm inspired by what surrounds me. Except music, books and things of this sort, I've been always inspired by so called fantasy, comics or illustrations of other creators... All this made my head produce my own visions and pictures. I just had to transfer them to paper, show them to the world.

Are there any other medias you enjoy working with?
-I'm in a solid relationship with wood, by from time to time I have an affair with coloured big-sized paper. I must also admit that recently, being unable to stop my artistic lust, I've succumbed to a new lover - leather! It fascinates me in a way consuming my sences and orders me to think only about it! (In Polish, leather is a feminine noun). But secretly I'll tell you that recently I've been tempted by a vision of pictures on ceramics, but that's a song of the future  

What are your tools of the trade?
-Everything that can produce lines - that's the first, secondly - it must produce any colour, under a condition that the colour is black.

How long, on average, does it take you to finish one of your drawings?
-Oh that depends! If I manage to properly bend the spacetime, my creations appear even before I think of them! But generally, this trick does not succeed often... Otherwise all is left is to pick up the pencils and start working hard, and it usually takes more than a week.

How do you find the patience to draw such intricate things?
- I've got really little patience, I often buy it with discounts on e-bay  But when I'm out of money, of course I am a poor artist barely making ends meet. Then I remind myself about my dreams I've had since I was 6! To be the greatest, the best and the most insane drawer in the world! This gives me faith and patience to create even more complicated and beautiful pictures.

At what age did you begin drawing and do you have any formal training (art school etc)?
-As most of the crazy drawers, my adventure began just in the childhood. I've been always drawing and I'm serious about saying this, I used to draw even in the kindergarten and there's been no't even a week since then without drawing something. I've never attended any art schools or courses. And that's good, eventually. I think that passion and ideas are more important than techique. And nobody can teach you the first two.

Are there any artists or other inspirations which have helped you progress with your art?
-Loads of them! The times I began my adventure with drawing were times when not many heard about the internet in my country. Because of this, inthe very beginning I was inspired by my native creators, mostly the ones creating comics, and comics have a wonderful history in Poland. I won't mention names except the one that should be known all over the world. Grzegorz Rosiński, creator of, for example, Thorgal, influenced me the most. Adventures of the noble viking kept my imagination running and made me interested in fantasy more and more, but also made me keen on history of ancient folk, vikings and celts, of which art elements I include in my creations so often.

What is the most rewarding aspect of completing a work of art for you?
-I'm the proudest of myself when I can give my work to someone. One person close to me, whom I can gift with my picture, is worth 10 purchasers.

What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?
-Never give up, trust your skills and don't let the others bring you down! :)

Is there anything else you'd like to say in closing?
-To work!! Because hard work full of passion can make wonders :)

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One of my favorite dArtists!  :D  Great interview :ahoy: