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Sometimes it happens that someone launches a Community Project and as things progress the project simply doesn't seem to be doing well.  Today I'd like to discuss ways you can work at turing your project around and making it a success.  

I imagine everyone has been paying close attention to the articles we've been posting this week for our Community Projects projecteducate week, but in case you've missed any let me recap those that will benefit you the most if you are struggling with moving your project forward.

PE: Defining Community Projects
PE: What to ask before launching a project
PE: Funding your project
PE: Promoting your project

Now that we are all up to date and hopefully on the same page, let's say you've read and considered all of these articles carefully, and made every effort to apply them to your project and still you are not seeing much success, what to do?

Community Volunteers

As a Community Volunteer I am available to be reached out to for help of various kinds.  As your Community Projects CV, I am here to help you promote your projects and be a general contact point and support for you and your project.  You are also welcome to contact any other Community Volunteers (ideally ones who look after areas which your project pertains to) for additional help and support. You can find a full list of current Volunteers here.


CRCommunityProjects is a wonderful resource for your projects.  The group is headed up by the Community Projects CV and backed heavily by active members in the community with exprience running Community Projects.  Here you can find support and advice for your project.  Should you need help of any kind with a project, new or old, this is your one stop shop for support, guidance, and promotion.  


Would your project interest some groups in the community and their members?  With as many different types of groups on deviantART, your project is certain to appeal to at least some of them.  Try searching Groups for groups which might be interested in your project and contact them about becoming involved even if only to help promote the project to their members.  


Your watchers are an incredibly valuable tool, they are a direct link to and from the community and can give you both feedback on what is working (or not working) as well as help push things forward for you with promotion.  Don't be afraid to post a poll or journal asking your watchers for help.  

Projects Forum

Did you know that we have a Projects Forum here on deviantART?  Well we do and this is just one more good resource to help get your project out there and seen.  

Now that you're aware of all the resources available to you and have went through them for assistance with your project, you still aren't seeing much progress and are unsure what to try next.  

What now?

If you are still struggling to get your project off the ground at this point it may be a good idea to reach out to the community and find out what is and isn't working/appealing in regards to your project.

Remember, you can always make changes/tweeks to your project to breathe some extra life into it.  Deadlines, subjects, instructions etc, can all be altered to better suit the communities wants and or needs.  If you require help with this, I highly suggest contacting CRCommunityProjects for assistance.  


Read all the things!  No really, if you want to be well prepared and make your Project a success, there are no shortcuts.  Put in the work and research and take advantage of the resources available to you in order to make your project a success!

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wish I would have known that I could ask CVs for help back than!!