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Hi everyone,
as part of Fan Art Week, I'm here to discuss how to continue loving your fandom while avoiding any toxicity in its community.  

It's no secret that some fandoms have a lot of toxicity in them.  Sometimes you'll run into people who disagree with how you choose to enjoy your fandoms.  Maybe it's not even you who is experiencing the drama directly, but you still find yourself surrounded by it within your fandom.  

Finding yourself in the middle of ship wars or general disagreements over AU's (Alternate Universe) or character design or personalities tends to be unpleasant, so how do we avoid these situations?  
At the end of the day you probably can't fully avoid these situations, however you can do some things to prevent them from taking some of the enjoyment out of your fandoms.  

It's okay to disagree

Disagreements are a basic part of life and human interaction.  I think we all know that people don't always agree with us, or us with them.  How we react during such disagreements can make a huge difference in our overall experience though.  Most fandom drama tends to stem from basic disagreements. Knowing how to not let it escalate can help keep the drama minimal.  

If you find yourself disagreeing with someone in your fandom the best thing you can do is to respect that it's their right to have a different opinion.  You don't have to agree with it, nor do you have to actively support it, but simple acceptance that others may share different opinions can go a long way.  

What to do if you experience drama in your fandoms community?

Stop, drop, and roll!  

Well, I guess you'd only need to do that if you're on fire.  If you're experiencing drama in your fandoms community the best thing you can do is turn away.  Don't become part of the drama, don't add to it.  Step away and find a corner that is drama free.  

What can you do if you can't find a positive corner within your fandoms community?

Look for like-minded people within your fandom.  Ideally people who are drama free and share your views or are open to your views on how to appreciate the fandom.  

Making positive friendships with people who share your love and appreciation for a fandom can be a great thing and you'll always have something to talk about which you enjoy together.

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