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Let's learn about Adoptables.  What are they exactly, and in which gallery can I find them/or should I submit them to?  

I'm sure most of you have seen or even made Adoptables here on DeviantArt.  There's no doubt that the Adoptables community here is absolutely booming!  So what exactly is an Adoptable though?  Let's take a closer look.

Adoptables, what are they?

In it's most simple form, Adoptables are designs/characters which people have created with the intention of giving the created designs to another person,  be it via sale, trade, gift, or any other means of transferring it to a new owner.  

Adoptables can come in various different forms ranging from humanoids to animals, to monsters, and even accessories.  

When acquiring an adoptable, the general rule of thumb is that you are acquiring the copyrights to the design.  However, it is important to check the rules set forth by the Adoptable creator, as not all of them will allow the copyright to be transferred. 
It is debatable whether Adoptables, where copyright of the character or design is not transferred to the new owner, can really be considered Adoptables, but for the sake of uploading such characters or designs to DeviantArt, they should be submitted to the same gallery as regular Adoptables. 

What can I do with Adoptables? 

What you can do with any Adoptables you acquire depends greatly on the rules set forth by the seller.  Generally after you purchase an Adoptable you have free reign over it, however some Adoptable creators do place certain restrictions on them. 

If you are planning on acquiring an Adoptable, pay close attention to the rules set forth for that Adoptable.  This can help you determine if the adoptable is right for you or not.  

Where can I find Adoptables?

DeviantArt Related > Devious Fun > Adoptables is the gallery on DeviantArt where Adoptables should be submitted.  

Just like any other gallery on DeviantArt the Adoptable gallery is searchable through keywords, or by the following categories: Newest, What's Hot, Undiscovered, Popular 24 hours, Popular 8 hours, Popular 3 days, Popular 1 week, Popular 1 month, Popular All Time, and Way Back

If browsing the main galleries isn't your thing, you can also check out the many different Adoptable Groups on DeviantArt here and here. With over 6000 Adoptable Groups on DeviantArt, everyone should be able to find the right Adoptable for them! 

Not sold on Adoptables yet? 

Enjoy this feature of fantastic Adoptables made by the wonderful DeviantArt community!

[CLOSED] Adopt auction -  MONKEY by quacknear Zodiac Stellar Adopts P2 (CLOSED) by Mrakobulka [CLOSED] Canine character - Auction by Eredhys
(CLOSED) Adoptable Outfit Auction 269 by JawitReen #25 (CLOSED) Set Auction by Pixennon Boy in kimono ADOPT 1 day AUCTION [CLOSED] by opi-um 
Let's play dressup! Stag adoptables - {CLOSED} by SmolderBone [Closed] O-kun AUC by BabushkaVatman Mantastic Abyss [CLOSED] by Seosaurus
Egg Adopts - Egg #145 by PandiiVan FEATHER SHAMAN Adopt Auction - CLOSED - by Noreth-Adopts Adopt Auction (Closed) #21 by Dreaming-Witch

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Sooo... adoptable's are a type of commission that has already been done and someone can purchase the adoptable like you would buy a font or a pre-made logo.  Only some adoptable's have rules, which makes no sense considering actual money has transferred hands and therefore ownership of the content as well.  Personally, I have mixed feelings about them.  I see the attraction to them, as a cheap way of getting art for an original character for role-playing purposes from talented artists that may cost too much to commission a totally custom character, yet I also feel like this is a form of a commission since money is being exchanged for a "good".  As someone said prior, I do have an issue with base adopts considering the bases are usually free, and all the person has done is used a graphics program to "customize" them.  I also feel the same for "doll-maker" adopts (I've seen a ton of them).  Generally, I don't like the idea of adopts because I feel like it takes away from commissions, but people can do whatever.