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Hello all,
some of you may already be aware that a group of us CVs have gotten together and are planing a Daily Deviation projecteducate week in mid August.  The thought was that there is often so much negativity surrounding DDs and we'd like to help educate the community as best as we can to help settle some of the hurt feelings etc.  This is where we need your input!  

Have your voice heard

This is your chance to have your voice heard.  We want to know what it is that you want us to talk about during DD PE week.  What do you want to know in regards to DDs?  What do you feel the community will benefit from knowing about?  Any and all input is welcome, the more the merrier!  

In conclusion

Your feedback will help shape DD PE week as we will take into consideration all comments left for us and do our best to address your questions/problems/concerns, or anything else you may bring up to us in articles or other means during that week.  


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I love DD's :D I find so many new artist's through them and the exposure they give to pieces that I may have never looked at without a DD!
If you decide to do this again I'd love to hear a bit from the artisan crafts CV's about why good photography is important for crafts DD's (Which I think it is!).