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Thank you for your interest in commissioning me. This journal will outline anything you need to know about commissioning art from me.  
Please keep in mind that by commissioning me you are employing me to do a job for you, as such I expect to be compensated in the same way I would any other independent contractor work by being paid a proper wage.  If you came here wishing that I'll create art for you in exchange for slave wages, please close the tab and move on, my commissions are not for you.  


I retain the copyright to the piece and may upload it to various sites on the internet as an example of my work.  Unless We have otherwise agreed to this, you may not use art commissioned from me to make profit.  
If you wish to commission me for art with a commercial license (art which you may sell) be sure to include that in your inquiry so I can give you an accurate quote.  

I also ask that you not upload the commissioned work to your DeviantArt gallery or any other site which assumes the work being uploaded is copyrighted to you.  
You may however use pieces you've commissioned from me for icons, journal skins, headers, footers, etc. as long as there are no implications that you are the copyright holder.  
If you are commissioning me for a character reference or breed line art etc. with the purpose of uploading the art to your own gallery please let me know.  This is something that I allow as long as there is a legitimate reason for it and I was informed in advance.  


A minimum 50% deposit must be made before I will begin working on your commission.  Payment plans are also negotiable though I will not begin the work until the 50% down has been met.  When paying in installments finished pieces will not be released to you until payment has been made in full.  Revisions or edits will also be put on hold until payment has been made in full.  
Payment preference is paypal, though personal checks are accpetable as well, though you will have to wait until the check clears before I begin working on your commission.

If you wish to pay with :points: I will charge an additional 20% on top of the 20% DeviantArt takes from the commission widgets.  This means a standard 20$ commission would cost you 2400 :points:
For mixed payments (points/USD) the 40% mark up will only be added to the points portion of the payment.


In most cases I begin working on the commissions within 24hrs of payment being sent/clearing.  Depending on the complexity of the commission, most are finished within 48 hours.  Specific timelines will be given at the time of the quote so that I can give a more accurate deadline based on other work in my queue and estimated time needed to complete your commission.  
Commissions are completed in the order their payment is received/cleared.


My prices are based on an estimated hourly wage including expenses/wear and tear of supplies along with taxes I am required by law to pay on this income at the end of the year.  Quoted prices are non negotiable.  If you are unhappy with the quote given, you can either relax some of the requirements of the commission (no background, no shading, less characters, etc.) to help bring pricing down, but please do not try to haggle with me.  All prices are based on one character per piece. Please contact me for pricing on additional characters. 

Base pricing of the types of commissions I accept:

Base pricing is stacked from category to category, for example if you want to commission me for a full body flat color (20$) with minimalistic background (3$) the cost of the commission would be 23$
If you wish to add multiple characters to a piece the price is calculated the same as above but by multiplying character costs to fit the number you wish to have drawn.  For example you want 3 full body flat color characters (3x 20$) with a minimalistic background (3$) the cost of the commission would be 63$.  

If this feels confusing or you are unsure of an exact price please feel free to contact me for an exact quote.  

Digital Paintings:

Finished and un-watermarked full resolution digital paintings will be sent to you via png file (or psd when applicable).  This way you can print them out or use them in other ways as desired/needed (for private use only).  You may not upload them to your DeviantArt gallery without my consent, you may however use them as icons, headers, journal skin images, or other things which do not claim the art as your own.  


I generally sketch in pink but am willing to change the color to meet your needs for the finished sketch. Sketches tend to be fairy rough drawings, but may be used to work off of to make line art or a full piece if you wish. 
  • fullbody sketch - 10$
PotionsWIP by AstralseedTheChicRecruit - Sketch Commission by Astralseed


Busts are simply headshots.  These can be as simple as just the line art, to fully rendered.  
  • bust lineart -10$
  • bust flat color -15$
  • bust basic shading -20$
  • bust detailed shading -35$
Frank - Doodle by Astralseed Rainbow Spite - Commission by Astralseed

Kiss Kiss Fall In Love... by Astralseed

Full Body

As the name implies, these are pieces with the full body or at minimum 3/4th of the subject in the piece.  As with the Busts these can be simple line art or fully rendered and anything in between.
  • fullbody lineart -15$
  • fullbody flat color -25$
  • fullbody basic shading -35$
  • fullbody detailed shading -50$
Alderaan - Commission by Astralseed 
Who Needs Water Anyway? by Astralseed
Blue Bird On My Shoulder - Commission by Astralseed 


If you're looking for a landscape piece or just want to add a background to the commissioned piece, these are the prices for that.  Again, backgrounds can be super simple like a gradient with minor elements, or they can get quite detailed.  
  • minimalistic background -5$
  • basic background -15$
  • detailed background -40$
This Thing by Astralseed-insert best title ever here- that's how I roll by Astralseed
Quirlicorn Landscape by AstralseedBeads Winter Doodle by Astralseed

Vector Art: 

  • Circle Vector Pieces -15$
Meow - says the cat by AstralseedDreamer 01 by AstralseedFruit Bat - Commission by Astralseed


World-wide shipping and handling prices are included in these base prices, so no additional fees will be added for this type of commission in regards to having them mailed to you. 
  • Horse Plushie small -30$ 
  • Horse Plushie medium -40$
Apollos Wings Plushie by AstralseedTastey Plushie by AstralseedKay Commission by Astralseed

Traditional Paintings:

Finished and un-watermarked full resolution digital file of the painting will be sent to you via png file.  This way you can print them out or use them in other ways as desired/needed (for private use only).  For an additional fee, the original may be sent to you via snail mail.  You may not upload them to your DeviantArt gallery without my consent, you may however use them as icons, headers, journal skin images, or other things which do not claim the art as your own.  

 CreamStarter - FirePie by Astralseed Traditional Yaoi by Astralseed Haywire - Commission by Astralseed 
Katamine - traditional by Astralseed Lagertha - Commission by Astralseed Love Parade - Traditional by Astralseed 

5.5 x 8.5 inches:

  • Single Character with basic background -25$ 
  • Single Character with detailed background -60$

9 x 12 inches: 

  • Single Character with basic background -35$ 
  • Single Character with detailed background -80$

Shipping costs:

  • Within the USA -3$ 
  • Outside of the USA-7$

10$ Mystery Box Commissions:

Want some fun art from me but can't afford my prices?  This is the commission for you!

You give me 10$ (1000 Points)  flat price and a character of your choice, and I'll go ham and make you something cool.
Could range from simple headshots to complex full bodies with full backgrounds etc. But the freedom of what kind of drawing you'd get would be in my hands in exchange for you getting a massive discount on my commission prices.  

422 - ASS Ketamine by Astralseed 1553 - ASS Nova by Astralseed 
C020 - ASS Zephyr by Astralseed
Inktober 03 - Bait by Astralseed Inktober 10 - Pattern by Astralseed

Additional fees: 

  • NSFW fee -20$
  • Interested in a NSFW drawing?  Not a problem, but I will charge a flat fee for such drawings on top of the regular commission price.  

  • Overly detailed design fee -inquire for quote
  • Overly detailed designs or characters sometimes mean a significant amount of extra time spent on a piece, As such I charge a fee for this to help keep my time/work/compensation balanced and fair. 
  • For example, a dragon with 5 heads and 7 additional wings would warrant additional costs since a significant amount more of work would need to go into the piece than a standard dragon with only one head and one set of wings.  
  • Additionally, I mostly draw Equines and landscapes so that is naturally what I am best at, I am however open to drawing other animals or humans though pricing may change slightly for these depending on complexity. 

  • Revision fee- revision fees will be discussed before revisions are made
  • Sometimes it happens that a client changes their mind on what they want.  While I am happy to work with them towards creating the new concept for them, if I have already started the piece a revision fee will apply.  Revision fees will be discussed at the time a revision is requested.  Errors made on my behalf which require revisions will not be subject to a fee. 

  • Commercial licensing fee -inquire for quote
  • If you wish to use the commission for commercial purposes you must tell me upfront so that we can discuss the additional fee.  Please be prepared to tell me in detail how exactly you plan on using the art so that I can accurately quote the price of the commission for you as well as get a contract prepared outlining the specifics of what you will legally be allowed to do with the commissioned art.  

Read everything and are ready to commission me? This is how:

  • Send me a note titled "Commission" with detailed information on what exactly you'd like for me to draw.
  • If you'd prefer to use email instead of notes, send me an email to dreaming.myth[@] titled "Commission" 
  • Include links to examples or reference images as needed.
  • Remember to detail any other specifics like commercial use or a need to upload the piece to your DA gallery as a breed reference, etc. 
Once I've received your note or email, I will get back in touch with you with any questions I might have in regards to your commission in order to give you an accurate quote as well as to make sure we're both on the same page as far as what I will be drawing for you. Once payment has been made I will let you know the estimated deadline. 

Can't afford my prices but still would like to get art from me? This is how:
  • - Ask me if I would be willing to collaborate with you on some art. (if I agree to this, you'll be working on the art along WITH me)
  • - Show up in my livestreams, sometimes I will doodle things for people who show up. 
  • - Suggest really cool things to draw to me, if I like your idea enough I'll likely draw it. 
  • - Pay attention to any giveaways I might do. Sometimes I offer up art as a prize. 
  • - Be a super awesome and amazing person that I value, sometimes I make gift art for people I like. 
  • - I accept fanart requests for fandoms I am in on my Tumblr account 

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