August 2012 Traditional Art DD Round-up

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Hello all,
As this month is coming to a close, I present you with August's Traditional Art DDs.

deshrubber's Picks

Wraytheons by Caseylovedesigns The Green by zandragon SSHHHHH by vfujiwara Ilahas the Forest Fowl by SinkoSiete Rose in the Sunshine by OlegTrofimoff On Milford Sound, Fiordland N.Z. by nprovis Ethereal by Elssence Industrial Evolution by freeny Crash by Thom-Heap

Mature Content

Freedom by Sadania
:thumb319934980: OR by RichardLeach Shambles by MeganJustine86 :thumb316729486: K by caldwellart Escape by ebcbrown Jungle spirits by Odomi2 New Zombie by Trapjaw Enlightenment, Oil on canvas, 20x29 by Cefalo Impending Impoundment by bryanhible :thumb322131091: Hands No. 5 by BeanBoo86 MANDALA ASSIMETRICA 1 SERIE GENESIS by LIDIAMARINA Petrie by SquareFrogDesigns R O A D R U N N E R by Angelstorm-82

SRaffa's Picks

Ravenna by rivyinrivendell Want to buy some illusions by black-hydrangea Innocence by Dragos-Sulgheru The Little Mermaid by PaulaMela Neruda  Mistral by imaginante :thumb270642474: :thumb211718952: Dreaming by Danghieu centaurus by nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :thumb256834723: :thumb255077963: :thumb296341667: :thumb309838044: Breathe No More by PhilipMTraditional Summer by batang-alien Fairy by Astaldo-Fea away, but not enough by leilalilium Yana by EgorMisanthropy Keira Knightley Ballpoint Pen by AngelinaBenedetti under the sea by Kris-Kamikakushi Suggestion by madison-cowles-serna 0010 by VasiljGodzh Jasmine by stokrotas Whiteness. by ReraKuroshin :thumb269717386: Blow by stelaWoo Black tears by kikicri88 Crack (red baby series) by ataraxiaemorte :thumb204928293: Born With the Passion for Art In My Heart by NynjaKat Ania by thecatspaw

Astralseed's Picks

Last Rose by ZawArt Sometimes people are beautiful... by TheJoanaPADJ :thumb285341125: Magnetic Goat by thebiscuitboy grizzly bear illustration by ah6 Mercury (Variations II: Mystic Doodle) by skeegoedhart :thumb318375754: :thumb308508386: :thumb318666650: Remember Me by pbird12 Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Comfort of Stars by Stardust-Splendor Avril hunter fairy 2 by fairiesndreams Chocolate Fish noms.. by Kung-Fu-Kiwifruit

Mature Content

Hierophant by Fabreeze
It's time to sleep by Eleihna The Ravioli Adventures 2 by jamesillustrated Seasons of Wonder_FALL by Briansbigideas Girl by FairyARTos The City Hall of Colchester by Keltu THE ULTIMATE SANDWICH...OH YEAH! by socar Art-School Owl Assembly by mariyaolshevska izard multi angles by kezeff Where is Yellow? 5 by nguyenshishi Cubic Polo Ponies by DaffoDille Non-material Symmetry by MarySdfghjkl :thumb292915624: :thumb281088309: Socialization by SanderJansen It's just a game by TaniDaReal

STelari's Picks

Raccoon Ghost by JillHoffman Last Coral by Phons08194 Hill Giant by bridge-troll A Not so Fearsome Beast by Kitsune-Seven Hide and Seek by fruitscake Calico Cuties by MorbidlyAdorableArt Foxtails by yanadhyana Oh dear black horse... by Sieskja A secret town by Sithzam a morning dress by AnnWeaver Midnight Masquerade by ElvenstarArt Dumbfounded by STorA Kai-Lea by dreamarian The Trail by madbaumer37 irises by BeatrizMartinVidal Seeking Sleep by The-autumnwind still by sinyagina :thumb202651806: Beauty and the Beast by AngelaRizza La Befana, wood finish, 2 by DellamorteCo Erigal wee folk by garybonner Dilemma by monotonelee Cookiiiiiies by ZestyDoesThings Joan of Arc by DonatoArts wind of change by DariaAzolina :thumb258217655: dancing in the moonlight by gillesgrimoin :thumb316450330: By Moonlight by ts-larking morning shadows by glenox66 Let's Play Dolls by pixiwillow

SRudy's Picks

'Laura_Curtain' by HeatherHorton Walid Jumblatt - Silicone Bust by schellstudio Francesca by InTheNameOfArt bench II by glamrodhel Captain James T. Kirk by EvilNinjaChris Perfect Soldier by alterton Beneath The Skin by 5-blue-marks McCoy Sculpt - painted sample! by DarrenCarnall :thumb273354878: :thumb316288698: Blackshear's Amazon by TKMillerSculpt Deus ex Machina by s-caruso Centaur by Ballistyc Defenders of the Light by boykokolev Big Baby Ear by DonLanning Profile by ForestEdgeFineArt Moodius's Night Out by AndrewSinclair The peculiar solace of secluded places by YannickBouchard Pelican's Foot by wnutt Skye by kalinatoneva ''Poison Ivy'' by MarkNewman :thumb242262502: Finished bat creature bust. by BOULARIS

Mature Content

Aurora's Veil by SWKerr
Song : Unicorn girl by Sleetwealth Halo by zach84 Norse Lord by joapala Elia Vazquez Diaz by Benbe Dumbledore Bust - detail by AlfredParedes Trepidation (A Coffee Painting) by aeonsiege Head 6 2007 by JJURON

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gorgeous work!
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My favorite was the one with just the red ink pen....holy shit..that's my favorite DD...
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lots of talent on dA :)
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Fantastic!!! :faint:
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