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In this day and age, with the internet at just about everyone's fingertips, social media is making a big boom and is useful for so much more than just socializing with others.  Each day more and more businesses jump on the social media bandwagon to help market and promote their goods.  For artists this is no different, as these websites are an excellent tool to market yourself, your skills, and of course your art!  

Benefits of using Social Media Websites

Be seen!
Starting out brand new on any social media website can be a bit daunting and building watchers/followers can take time though there are ways to get noticed faster if you are willing to put the time and effort into it.  Some time ago I wrote an article about gaining exposure.  While the article is geared towards gaining exposure on deviantART, a lot of the same concepts apply to other websites as well.  Do take a moment and give it a read.  Gaining Exposure To Art.  
The most important thing to remember about being seen is that you have to put the time and effort into getting out there where people can see you and your art.  Don't be too shy to approach others and get involved, it really does tend to pay off if you do.  

This really goes hand in hand with being seen.  Sure you might get lucky by simply posting your work and moving on.. maybe someone popular (with a large following) will stumble upon it and share it with others, or maybe someone with the ability to give a site wide feature will stumble across your work and feature it, you never know, it could happen.  But the reality is that you are far easier to be seen, even for those things, if you are putting yourself out there and making friends and just genrally being social with others.  

Make a friend, maybe two, or three, while interacting with like-minded individuals from the comfort of your home (or any other place where you have internet access for that matter).  Many social media users end up making wonderful new friends.

Market to your target audience
Being a part of, and being involved with social media websites gives you the advantage to learn and get to know your target audience.  It also allows you to have a direct link to these people once you've built a following and trying to sell and promote your work becomes much easier when those interested will have it sent directly to them, vs you having to go and pay for ads and hope that the right people see it etc etc.

Popular Social Media Websites

There are so many different social media websites on the web these days that you could probably get lost trying to hunt them all down.  I'll just make note of some of the more popular sites I've seen others promote their art on.
Since we are all here anyway, I think it's safe to say that dA is a wonderful place to post your art and be seen.  Especially geared towards art, you can not only see and find all the amazing art you are looking for, but you can post your own and be seen as well.
Many artists have their own facebook page for their art where they can upload their work and interact with their followers.  For some artists using facebook to promote their work has been very helpful.
tumblr is an easy to use site which allows you to upload your work to be shared and shared and shared by as many people as wish to share it making it a good place to get seen.
Much like tumblr, you can upload your work and others can share it on and on and on.
Link your art, add some #tags and you're ready to go.  People can search #tags and will hopefully also find your work.  Again, your tweets can be retweeted by other users making it easier to be seen.


Share your experiences in a comment below

:bulletred:How have social media sites benefited you?
:bulletred:Do you have a favorite social media website?
:bulletred:How many different social media sites do you use regularly?
:bulletred:Tell us anything else you wish to share about social media sites.  

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Kara-Yami's avatar
I have a tone of social media sites. (Facebook, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, instagram, pixiv, google+, an of course DeviantArt) Just for my art work. Honestly, all of them are slow access to popularity for me. I have to say DeviantArt is the best social media for me!However, I try to put an equal amount of effort into all of them.
Astralseed's avatar
I've found that if I focus on one over the others, I see better results where my energies are going :)
Kara-Yami's avatar
Thats mostly Deviant art for me, but I will try that at more of an extreme level!
Astralseed's avatar
PeppermintSoda's avatar
What about Instagram? I post my art there too. :icon0u0plz:
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
This is a seriously awesome [and needed] article! Thanks for writing this.
Honestly I don't think I'd be doing anything business-wise with my photography if I didn't have a Facebook page. Other than a few friends and such the majority of my work has been from people contacting me via Facebook.
BlueSolitaire's avatar
Yes, last GIF = :icondielaughingplz:  One site I found from poking around "Art-Is-Fun" was TheArtColony. It is global but seems rather limited in "audience". It is mostly traditional arts and crafts focused and a calm, helpful atmosphere (with groups). Thought I'd mention this despite the others listed being MUCH larger in outreach. ^^;
cality's avatar
Nice article! And, gosh, that gif. :lmao:
iAmAneleBiscarra's avatar
I created a Facebook page for my art, but right now it hasn't helped me a lot... yet. I can't seem to have a good grip on this social media thing...
Astralseed's avatar
Yeah, I've not really figured out the trick with facebook yet either.  I know that a lot of artists with facebook pages link them on the other sites they upload their work to, and perhaps that makes a difference. 
ArtByCher's avatar
I've seen so many people complain about these social sites. Not this gal. It's helped me in more ways then one. Good article, Katy!
Astralseed's avatar
I think people complain just to complain sometimes.  Certainly it's easy to find faults in just about everything out there but yeah, I've had some really great experiences on social media sites so :w00t: 
Kaz-D's avatar
I have to say that without social media, I likely wouldn't have got the work that I have done in the past and secured for the future with my photography. I can't imagine networking without it! I think Facebook is the best for me, followed closely by wordpress :nod:
Astralseed's avatar
:nod: I agree.  Social media has been great to me in that regard as well.  dA has been the best for me, though I honestly don't put much time into the other sites I use which is probably why I see the most results here. 
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Tess us anything.....?
Do you mean tell
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:slow: yes 
silly typos!
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HOMG someone used that gif! :lol: Bwhaha.
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Bless you for using it. I don't have enough ideas in me that would have resulted in using that gif so was waiting for someone to do that. :')
Astralseed's avatar
I just found it :paranoid:
phoenixleo's avatar
That's alright. :P
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Good work!! :D Thanks for this. :hug:
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