All Good Things Come To An End..

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By Astralseed
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ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

Hello everyone,
I wanted to take a moment and give you all a heads up that I will be laying ProjectPorkchop to rest after Volume 600 which will come out on Tuesday. 

I'd like to write a larger closing journal after the final volume gets published and for that I'd love your help.

What I need from you are any blurbs you'd like to submit for consideration in the 'farewell' journal.
I'd like to hear how the project has impacted you, be it by you finding awesome artists to watch, or that you were featured and it helped you out, or anything else you feel is worth sharing. 
Please either comment on this journal with your experiences, or other appreciation you'd like to leave for the project, or note me (Astralseed) directly.

Thanks so much guys, it's been a wild ride and I love all of you for the amazing support you've shown this project over the years! 

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


Previous issues of PPc

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Arenja Digital Artist
It was an amazing approach to help out artists and I always loved to see new deviations from this. Eventually I can only say my chance has finally passed because I was always too shy to try it for myself *sob*
Stygma's avatar
StygmaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for what you did all these years! You inspired so many people to do just like you and give more exposure to artists here. Since I discovered this series, I've never missed an edition. I even suggested DDs from it (and at least one was selected!). Take care of yourself now! You deserve it! :heart:
Brunild's avatar
Brunild Traditional Artist
I am very sad about this decision, but I understand your reasons. I thank you very much for all their hard work on this project! I remember very well the day when I was mentioned in one of the volumes. it was a great day, where I felt valued and appreciated. in truth I would like your project to continue for those who need to be helped. I wish I could help you but my knowledge of 'English is not good enough. good luck, I wish you the best and I hope that one day, you change your mind! :heart:
thevisualilliterate's avatar
thevisualilliterate Traditional Artist
Hi Astralseed, 

Of course it's sad to see Project Porkchop come to an end, 
but I think you've done a phenomenal job while it has lasted, 
and for that I'll always be grateful for not only having been featured by you, 
but also for having learned about so many other talented artists working in such diverse styles of art. 

Your features have always stood out because of its quality and clever format:
1. Instead of scrolling down a massive list of copy and pasted artworks,
and feeling like I'm being assaulted by too much imagery,  
the fact that you limited four artists for each feature allowed readers to actually look with care and attention at the works of the chosen few. 
2. Instead of showing only on artwork from each artist,
you always showcased a number of artworks from each artist, which helped the reader get a better feel for the artist as a whole. 
When only one work is chosen, it's like showing one leaf from a tree--the readers' interest might be piqued by that one particular artwork, but that artwork seems somewhat lost and un-grounded. 
3. Your captions were always thoughtful instead of obvious. It's not enough to just say something is beautiful or excellent or amazing. 
There was substance to your descriptions that made it helpful and interesting for the readers. 
4. You always showed artists from working in different styles/media, 
so that no two artists from one feature would seem repetitive. 
Again, this allows each artist to stand out more, and just seems like such a friendly gesture on your part to be so inclusive. 

Anyways, it seems that you want to focus more on tumblr, so I wish you the best with your future endeavors! 
Thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work and dedication! 
Project Porkchop will be missed! 

 Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

I Love You EmoteVi 
SchmidtMatDT's avatar
SchmidtMatDTHobbyist General Artist
Oh nay! I've found many inspiring deviants through this Project, some of which I wouldn't probably have stumbled on otherwise! You've managed to "sift" through the immense vastness of artists that is DA and help many of them not to go unnoticed in it.
All the best in your future endeavors!
jdoem's avatar
jdoem Traditional Artist
This is a sad day. Your work, sharing the work of others, brought a heat to the site it needed. That is, your project expanded my exposure to new artists with at least a hundred times more variety than the  (though skillful the artists are) choices for daily deviations. This project was one of the main reasons I have stayed on dA. I will miss it greatly. Thank you for the time you have put into it. You made my stay here a much happier one.
Clarity-Art's avatar
Clarity-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been a small part of Project Porkchop, but it's impacted me a lot for whenever I did take the time to read an issue. It helped me discover my new favorite fantasy artists, Steves3511, and also boosted my hopes that someday, I'd be able to gain more exposure through PPc. I never got the chance, and now that it's ending, I guess I'll have to dust off my tablet and try to reach for an impossible dream :(

But to everyone else who got featured in here, I'm happy for you :) Perhaps you got more watchers because of this, or that Daily Deviation you always wanted, or something else. The PPc made sure that here in DA, it's not just about popular artists like Sakimichan or Ilya Kushinov: it's also about the underdog, the underappreciated. Thank you to the PPc staff for all you did for every deviant featured in your issues. 
UltraGamingNerd2001's avatar
Porject Porkchop...
I joined the game a bit late (just in time for the mid-300th or so journal, I'm sure) and it has inspired me every day. 
Seeing all the great art at the end of a long day when I finally do check my dA- it just makes me happy, no matter what happened throughout the hours before hand.
I'm sad to see it go, but thank you for making it a great thing in the first place ^^
Clamdiggy's avatar
ClamdiggyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Project Porkchop  represents everything that brought me to dA in the first place...A community of artists supporting other artists.  We are not all professionals or seasoned hobbyists.  This project brings awareness to new and undiscovered deviants and more.  To be someone lost in the sea of people on this site, and suddenly one day to find yourself featured means more than words.  It inspires, it encourages, it makes connections, and it builds a foundation for growth.  I realize that it seems that sometimes the work put into these features seem to go unnoticed or unappreciated.  But, to those you have featured, it means the world.  (I remember when I was featured a few years ago and what it meant to me.) 

I am sad to see it go, but you have not only done the job well but amazingly well.  Look how long it has lasted?  Look at all the artists that have been featured?  I will miss suggesting and helping out in my humble limited capacities...and most of all seeing the notifications for the next issue.   However, I think that what saddens me the most is that there is nothing like it to help fill the void.  This is supposed to be a community, after all.  Big shoes to fill, my friend.  Maybe someone half as dedicated and driven as you have been with this project can at least shake a little dust off the town hall.  I doubt it though....because YOU ROCK!

No regrets....kudos on a fantastic job.   All my love, hon.  :heart: 
TinyWild's avatar

I discovered ProjectPorkchop about three years ago. I suggested at least one hundred deviants, and I always took the time to read the articles, to visit several galleries... This group was perfect to discover, but also to promote unknown artists.

It's fun to search them on dA, but it's not so easy and it take some times: "What's Hot" is useless if you want to find artists who are really new here, and who have an unusual style (unusual on dA means for me something else than comics or anime style). "More Like This" is better, but works only if someone already discovered and faved deviations of a new artist.

That's why ProjectPorkchop was great: We, art appreciators, could share the deviations of many new artists in only a few articles per month. Thank you very much, Astralseed!

Shirokibo's avatar
ShirokiboHobbyist Digital Artist
I first came to know this project when I was featured. It got me curious as to what this project is about. Porkchops? I found out later that it's an extremely commendable project. You've helped me gain more attention in this huge community we call Deviantart, and I'm forever grateful to you. The words you used to describe my works took me by surprise, and I treasure them a lot. It gave me the motivation to continue this hobby that I love despite several setbacks. I'm sure many undiscovered artists you've featured feel the same way as well. Thank you for your dedication towards this project! All the best to you! I've enjoyed following this project a lot. :love:
meiyue's avatar
meiyueStudent Digital Artist
DeviantArt has always held a close place to my heart because the amount of support I've received over the years makes it feel like my second family. It's really projects like Project Porkchop that make this place what it is - a vibrant and supportive community. Through my term of working with PPc, I've heard so many thanks from people who have gained significant exposure or the motivation to keep posting on this site, now knowing that they are being recognized, and it is truly amazing to see how much of an impact our features have had on them. It has been a pleasure to work with the PPc staff (thank you Astralseed for dealing with my flakiness) and I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to.

PPc also introduced me to so many awesome yet unnoticed artists. I've watched many people from the suggestions sent to us.. since I eventually stopped having time to browse much, it was actually my main way of finding new art. 

I'm sad to see this go but I'm glad it lasted so long. Astralseed your dedication to this project was astounding - thank you so much for everything you have done for PPc to help the community :heart:
moppiwolf's avatar
moppiwolfProfessional General Artist
Aww that's sad......I was lucky to be recently featured in project Porkchop and I was so happy and pleased about it. The feature was put together very professionally and it really gave me a boost to stay motivated and continue with my artwork so Thankyou :hug:
Queen-Kitty's avatar
Queen-Kitty Photographer
Since I found Project Porkchop, it's been my favorite feature series! You have always featured such bright and beautiful talents and I've found so many amazing new artists to watch because of it. I'm sad that it's coming to an end, but I understand how much time and love you put into it while it was around.  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to exposing these brilliant talents!
pulbern's avatar
pulbernHobbyist General Artist
Aww! :wave:
sisiziur's avatar
sisiziurHobbyist Traditional Artist
GetOutOfWalmart's avatar
Lintu47's avatar
I did find lots of people to watch and the feature itself was something I looked forward to see daily, it was so refreshing to see such a nice bunch of art every day for such a long time. I thank you for bringing all those artists to light and for all the effort and heart you put into this and everything else you did so far.
Loulin's avatar
LoulinHobbyist Traditional Artist
So sad to hear, considering I haven't been a member of the group for very long. (A little over a year maybe?) I think you guys did a lot of good with this group.

What I really enjoyed with ProjectPorkshop was the exposure of those artist hidden and hitherto unseen. And that every journal focused on just a few artist as a time with a few examples each. I always thought it made the journal and feature feel so much more personal and intriguing than the average "slap-a-whole-bunch-of-thumbs-together feature". A big icing on the cake here was the one or two presentation lines (that sadly dissappeared a few months back) to accompany each artist. Wih all this I found myself browsing through the artists of the ProjectProkchop journals a lot more often and more thoroughly than the superquick glances of my other my group messages.  

Tudalia's avatar
TudaliaStudent Traditional Artist
Oh nawwwwww!!!!!!!!
The oblivion is here!!!!
Firestorm999's avatar
Firestorm999Student Digital Artist
I'm sad to see it go, but you did an amazing job on it
TwitchyGeist's avatar
TwitchyGeistHobbyist Digital Artist
Why is it being closed?
Astralseed's avatar
AstralseedProfessional General Artist
Because it's a very time consuming project and I would prefer to start spending my time on other things and/or in other places outside of DA instead.  
I'm just not very interested in spending so much time on this site anymore and this project is something that chains me to this place :(
TwitchyGeist's avatar
TwitchyGeistHobbyist Digital Artist
Why not let someone else run it?
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