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a rare glimpse unpuffed
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PooltoyNeko's avatar
Absolutely adorable!
joshpoint0's avatar
USAfterHours's avatar
A literal balloon person, that usually gets inflated for our amusement.
Huh. What a novel concept.

Also Jeanne is fucking adorable.
Balloonie-cat's avatar
Dawww, she looks so cute - I love her face and short hair. and her petite body frame when not inflated is a really nice touch
Slash-Pseudo's avatar
She looks awesome, I love her expression and that lovely shininess of her skin.
vanDUO's avatar
lean green bean
Roger64's avatar
Green huh? Wow she really is adorable. I want to learn more about her such as where she comes from, does she enjoy being inflated, can she inflated just by sucking air in does she see anyway? Why always the slightly nervous smile? Heck does she where clothes ever? Oh yeah I'm glad weve learnd her name at last too. Hope here's more colored pics of her, wouldn't mind seeing what she looks like in the back deflated  either, oh yeah feet too when she's deflated.
Interesting how the hair is hilighted. 
i tried to make it look bouncy but i don't think it worked
Roger64's avatar
I think it works for the bouncey ness. I think she'd made a cute blonde or redhead too. It's cool seeing what color she is.
I believe you captured a sense of potential bounce, future bounce if a bit of hair pressurization was added.  Yes, I've thought about this a bit too much...  Anyways, it fits well with her molded look and features, glossy and resilient, but occasionally needing to be pushed out of the way of the eyes only to spring back cuz that's what shaped shiny stuff does. 
james-the-c's avatar
In colour, too! :0
She's cute as a button :meow:
Snow-chanDA's avatar
Jeanne's just too adorable~! :heart: ; w ;
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