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Versalis Amphore

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Versalis Amphore - The Restorer of The Palassion Realm

"He found in porcelain, a way to restore his fragmented body and now with his skillful hands, he devotes himself to restore the shine and the colors of the porcelain that broke during the dark times, always filling the fissures with brilliant gold, which exalt with pride the overcoming."
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wow deve dar um trabalho pintar esse vasos . mas é mesmo um pode bem bonito! esse personagem é bem legal. ele tem cauda, barbatana e perna protéticas. gostei do design delas. e a carinha dele ficou bem legal! belo desenho!
PS espero que aqueles vasos no fundo não sejam todos que ele tem que pintar. são muitos XD
Astral-Requin's avatar
hahah obrigado aha!

aqueles de trás são os que ele ja restaurou! Todos eles estavam quebrados.
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this is really cool. I love the design of his fake body parts. He must have been through a lot if he's missing that many. o.o
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Thanks a lot! Yea, he went through much suffering, but now he has found peace.
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I'm glad he at least found peace now. :)
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Ah very beautiful, the amphoras he makes must be very deep in meaning and caring for those who need it <3
Astral-Requin's avatar
Thanks a lot! Yes, it also restores amphorae that were broken during conflicts with the Fennings.
hans-sniekers-art's avatar
Oh that's interesting, can we get a look at the Fennings or is that forbidden?
hans-sniekers-art's avatar
Mmmmh yeah, I'd also imagine them being organofluids ....
I really love the idea and I think it's the idea that works best ... A general body plan but a specialized workplan ...

I love that illustration, very menacing, didn't know it would be so giant ....

I hope to see more of them in the future.
I get a slightly eerie feeling with this ... but that is because I have a similar idea for my own world ....
hans-sniekers-art's avatar
Oh uhu, that's pretty cool.

All will become clear when I explain my situation althought the abstract would me that I am making my imagination into a physical something and depression and other mental ilnessesor blockades I explore are all part of some parasitic race that is to some degree alike to your creatures, I get a bit unnerved when someone writes the same thing that I experience ....
Astral-Requin's avatar
Oh, it's normal, we're human. hehe
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Damn poor dude is broken! What hapened to him? This look like the kind of damage landmines cause.
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Oh so it is indeed war injuries. Darn this is heavy.
Btw this is prety much perfect for a google translate
Astral-Requin's avatar

Google Translate is evolving haha
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beautiful piece with a moving story to boot!
I also love the way you did the lighting here, it's absolutely stunning
Astral-Requin's avatar
Thanks a lot! It was a challenge to try to balance the light without bursting.

The little story is important, this illustration symbolizes in a fanciful way the finning that is a practice of fishermen to amputate the fins of the sharks.
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This is lovely! I really like the detail in the linework.
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