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The Stag of Another Dying Realm

Concept of an alternative transport vehicle for the game universe Hollow Knight. Design was inspired by the Dung Beetles.

A palanquin, like a monocycle, pushed by a large beetle. In the past, he served the bourgeoisie of an ancient kingdom of termites, inside a large tree, which is now shattered over a desert of cold sands.
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I freaking love hallow knight, and this captured the atmosphere perfectly!!
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I love Hollow Knight too! Thanks a lot!
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really cool form of transport!
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Brilliant idea! Just one thing to ask, deos it roll like a ball, all it is just something with cycles under it, and pushed by the dung beetle, like you say, motorcycle?
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Interesting work
Big issue. You would fly around like CRAZY in that thing when it starts to roll. Would be a nice carnival ride though. HMMMMMMMMMMMM...

Would explain the dung beetles circus outfit.
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This hypothetical kingdom seems like it'd be an amazing world to explore.

Though how does the rolling palanquin work? Does only the outer part rotate as it's rolled along while the inside remains relatively still?
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Thanks a lot!

Yes, it would be similar to the behavior of a monocycle.
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Wow very imaginative! 
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Creative as balls. 

Get it? 'Cause it's a ball.

Not that I consider balls creative.

I wanna die.
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So much detail, I love this. 
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Dude this is so awesome, the artsyle, colors, light and shadows are really mastered and the design of the stag is really cool too ! I hope to see more hollow knight art coming from you in the future !
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Thanks a lot for your words!
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