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Solar Ascension

This is my submission for the Atomhawk contest! The theme was Solarpunk, I just decided to participate because I love this theme and I believe it should be emphasized!

In this story, mankind has abandoned its vast irregular cities and ascended the heavens, taking with it industries and farms, allowing the earth to regenerate the steril soil caused by urban sprawl. The new eco cities and vehicles float above an artificial sea of plasma that makes it look like a boreal ocean that seems to come from fantasy tales.

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I call Bull! You should have come first place, not some flipping floating fans!!! Rage!!!

In all seriousness, I love your artwork, especially the sharks.

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The world looks really joyful and bright. Nice work!

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could just live here!
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Are there any flying sharks or flying whales in this city?

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Nope, in my history, these cities were created by a second human race that emerged in the year 6000. They moved to heaven as an ecological pact with the planet to allow it to regenerate. This new human race is very different, they are almost 2 meters tall, 7 senses and other strange aspects. Legend has it that they came from refugees who consumed fish / shark meat contaminated by radiation from the old nuclear war.
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Then again, the Cosmonaut shark's civilization may have similar cities.

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Any possible expansion of said lore? Like how exactly does the plasma generate levitation? and whats the 6th & 7th sense?
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Yes, there is the full story, but I haven't considered publishing it yet. I have not thought of a scientific justification for plasma to provide levitation, only to know that it is a technological heritage of a lost era. These people have the same 7 senses as sharks, the 6th would be the "Lateral Line" and the 7th would be the electrosense of the lorenzini ampoules.
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I suggest you look up something like acoustic levitation… and cytomic patterns. Now it could be possible that the particular type of plasma having an chemo-electromagnetic effect similar to generating something like cytomic patterns that emerges a superconductive or levitating aspect. Perhaps that's a bit convoluted; but possible, at least theoretically  

Not sure what you mean by 'Lateral Line', but given the type of 'electrosense' is a bit too weak to work outside of the ocean but it could work in tandem with the plasma and/or aid in understanding emotional feedbacks giving a very quasi mind reading ability of others. At least as far as knowing between which of 2 choices one would make. 
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I like to appeal to fantasy, even more so, perhaps this on a large scale could be detrimental to the environment or the behavior of birds for example. In this story, there is a machine that generates this bright ocean in the center of cities, generating a flat and radial energy region of several kilometers in the sky, that only makes another machine like this levitate, it does not levitate anything, only itself. Note that all vehicles have a bright blue part at their base.

The vehicles can only fly over the area around cities, to reach other cities, the two cities need to cross each other so that their bright oceans come in contact. Some particular structures can also create bridges.

These two senses have evolved to serve the surface, the "lateral line" makes them perceive minimal movements, they would perceive their presence for several meters. Yes, you got it right, that sense also connects them as a kind of collective consciousness, but only between them, they can't understand the minds of normal humans.

The "electric sense" makes them sensitive to electricity in the air and objects, because of this, they feel uncomfortable and tingling in the face when inhabiting cities like ours, with bombardment of radio and wifi signals. Their cities use other technological methods that do not involve radio signals or electricity. They use many cable and wire connections. The bright ocean causes them tingling, but a comfortable tingling.

Glad you are interested in my stories! Sorry if there is any anomaly in English, I used google translator.
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No problem even those fluent in English don't speak it properly. If you ever seen the movie 'my fair lady' you'd understand. 

And hmm would love to use such an idea in a story of my own but I can't draw only ask others for commissions XD.
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wow que scenario lindo! a predominância de azul e verde é sempre bonito! esses prédios no fundo e esses barcos também ficaram muito muito bonitos! excelente trabalho!
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haha muito obrigado aha!
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Ahh such gorgeous colours and atmosphere! It almost feels like you're being pulled into this painting!
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I really missed you're environmental concepts, so I am super stocked to see this! Solarpunk looks really interesting, too, I've never heard of it before. Good luck with the contest!
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Thanks a lot! I won second place, it was quite unexpected.
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I think you absolutely deserved it. I looked at the entries and while most of the other ones are really high-quality I think yours brings a breath of fresh air to the contest. It really stands out positively and I think the judges must have thought so, too. <:
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Talk about world building ! I wanna live there now !

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Its just magical. A fine mixture of ecological harmony and technology giving a fantastic magic that emerges off the page making every breath feel like fresher air
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