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Shark Civilization

After the extinction of humanity. The sharks have become the new habitants of future planet Earth. They build a civilization, driven by scientific curiosity and spiritual wisdom. The planet Earth, has never been so perfect ~

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Damn fine work!
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I wonder how they keep the above buildings filled with water, if that's what I think so.
Organizing land greenery above is a strange choice for an aquatic race. Perhaps as part of a land animal zoo/farm?

That'd be a Xenophile-Spiritualist-Pacifist democracy with Avian ship design, I suppose. Maybe a Syncretic Evolution origin with the last few humans. Or maybe some humans fled and made their own Fanatic Materialist Fallen Empire. You get my reference, do you?
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Motherfucking sharks.
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civilized sharks! haha
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Love it.
Maybe the future of city building. Dredge material from the deep sea to build artificial land and connect them using massive pedestrian bridges.
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OMG! great concept of buildings! I like this sci-fi modern architecture, looks so peaceful and developed!
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oh this is awesome !! it seems to Dubai
Awesome + plz 
but much more amazing
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This is just a thing of beauty. 
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the original image was 5949x4392 pixels ~
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This is amazing!
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I LOVE how the building in the front looks like a fish jumping from the water! Sharks are intelligent enough to create this wonderful city, I'm sure they have great artists too ^^
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Your work is really pretty and creative :D
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Hooray for the sharks!
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Is there a world map for this new world ?
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not ~

But the appearance would be the continents of the current, deformed and flooded land, and a large island that formed over the Pacific Ocean.
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