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My story about the civilization of sharks, is set 10 million years in the future. Of course, the old planet earth has changed a lot since then ~

I will update to finish the work.
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freaking astounding.
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Nice concept :meow:, even if I doubt that "l'Arc de triomphe" would be still standing in 10 millions years in the future!!  .: giggle :. 
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Hehe, Thanks a lot ~

Paris had been abandoned after a crisis of solar storm in the year 2100. This is a replica of the Arc de Triomphe which was reconstructed with a durable material for a benevolent human civilization in the year 3500, this same society rebuilt several monuments with the same material for reliving memories of ancient humanity. Unfortunately, the humans finally disappeared soon after. And after 10 million years, its trace remains.
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Perhaps another mission for the Cosmonaut Shark would be to go back in time to prevent the extinction of the friendly human civilization (and of course prevent them from being secretly enslaved by evil psychic space dolphins). If this Arc de Triomphe remains recognizable after 10 million years, it is probably built out of graphene-strengthened concrete!
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Humanity went through difficulties at the turn of the new century of year 2200 due to a supposed solar storm.

In the year 6000 a new nation of humans decided to relive the glory of the ruins of our time with a super resistant material, made of carbon nanotubes.

There are other structures remade with the same material scattered around the world, most of them are monuments and historical buildings.

Therefore, this arc of triumph is not the original. It's a copy made of carbon nanotubes. That explains why he endured so much time.

These time-preserved ruins were fundamental for the Squaluan civilization to understand about humans.
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wow that looks amazing!!
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I love ancient overgrown ruins, and the waterfalls are a huge bonus. ^.^
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Thanks, This is paris in the future ~ ^^
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It looks amazing!!! ♥
The waterfall through the archway is a nice touch.
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One word: beautiful! :love:
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Woah! I like it :3
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Woah this is beautiful! <3
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Wow! OoO
Holy Donuts! Q_Q beautiful scenery.....TT^TT
You're made a amazing scenery arts! ;A; the way, does this art be inspired by the games?
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Thanks a lot ~ C:

This image is a representation of a scenario of world and story I created.
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You're welcome. ^u^

And, oh, i see.^^
It's sound really great I thought. :D
Anyway, thank for answer it. :D
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Nem dá mais pra favoritar huahuauh, tá lindo demais
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yaaay e ainda não acabo xD
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Beautiful artwork my friend.
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Wow, it is so beautiful that you post your works while you are making them, I love seeing your process! Thank you for sharing it!
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