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By Astral-Haze
So many worlds....
pen,coloured pencils on paper

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© 2007 - 2021 Astral-Haze
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Feels very lively -- lost of things are taking place through a conglomerate of patterns and colors! :+fav:

I have noticed that playing around with patterns is a good way of maintaining one's own artistic desire and enthusiasm. :)

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this is ridiculously trippy
i love it
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mmm i want a patchwork quilt that looks like this. or some ridiculous piece of clothing...a cape!
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this is just so detailed and eye catching, i'm in love with it! i'd definitely want this hangin' up on my bedroom wall. :]
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Why did I not see this before?!!! This is superb my friend!:clap:
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:peace: I really appreciate the kind words :peace:
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Good colors and very tribal style.
I like it.:-)
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You never cease to amaze me... Your work always brightens my day. I love the diagonal lines, and the bright colors look incredible with the black. Goodness... :+fav: :peace:
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Thanks for the kinds words :D
You brighten up my day with your comments :peace: :hug:
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this would be great to look with the doors of perception opened! trippy stuff man!!! i really dig it.

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very detailed !
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Wow I'm traveling in the space xD. Great!
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Coloured Pencils?....Can't find acid Anywhere...your pretty damn lucky...Oh yeh! Back on topic..Psycho picco....each segment is like a different world..and the patterns are pretty damn impressive...
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