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Tempered Glass

By Astral-1
Tempered Glass_1 (Gnome Shell 3.2.1 - Theme) is a combination of white and dark shades of glass. The usual set of extensions (Windowlist, Menu, Dock, Bottompanel and Windowoverlay) are all supported. I tried to maintain strictly shades of glass everywhere so just note me on any issue and I will look at ajustments.


Initial installation: Unzip (Tempered from within the resulting folder, copy folder named (Tempered Glass) to (usr /share /themes) then apply with gnome tweak tool or ubuntu tweak

Extensions: First install included modified extensions from here ([link]).Next copy contents of folder extensions to their corresponding folders at (file system/ usr /share /gnome shell /extensions) or alternately (home/ Ctrl-h/ .local/ share/ gnome shell/ extensions) and restart shell

Wallpaper: The_Grass_aint_Greener_by_fix_pena. Included in folder background.

Icons: Awoken white - 2.4 by Alecive [link]

Cursor: Oxygen White

Font: Ubuntu

Cinnamon_version: [link]

Tip: To remove file manager bar from under top panel,open gnome tweak aka (advance settings) and set to off (have file manager handle the desktop)

© 2012 - 2021 Astral-1
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your theme is as clear like your soul
thanx a lot
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Thanks for the kind words, I am about to port to 3.8
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This is very outstanding! Intelligent and very appealing setup!

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Thanks about to update.
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Very clean looking!
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Thanks for taking time to leave a comment,real pleased you like.
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Good job mate, I can feel the glassiness from here. :)
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Happy that you like,do enjoy
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Really beautifull shell. Thank you so much.
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Thanks for you're kind thoughts, its a pleasure sharing with you
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hi, your theme is very beautiful, I like it very much and I would install it, but I use gnome shell with docky and i would ask you if you know a theme for docky with the same colors of your theme or if you can create a theme for docky with the same colors of the bar of cinnamon. thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english
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Definitely will look into this for you,off the top of my head probably smoke would come closest.Give me another 24hrs to get back to you with solution
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Thank you very very much for your help. I'm sure that you will done it. have a nice day!
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Very pretty. I like it.
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Thanks for saying so, do enjoy
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Thanks for compliment
Can't get it to work. Cinnamon's working fine, but I ca't get the GTK to work. Or, isn't there a GTK?
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Sorry no GTK done yet for this particular mod, supports only gnome-3 shell at the moment. The same holds true for cinnamon shell.Will be doing the GTK shortly though gve a little time and check back
K. Thanks for the info and the quick response.
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