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Autumn-Leaves-Suite-1 (Gnome Shell 3.2.1->GTK3 > GTK2) inspired by Autumn Brushes by Ilnanny. I have added the GTK3 > GTK2 mods for a more complete experience. I would like to do shell mods in all the primary colors if possible and a couple of shades too, then gradually refine them all. That means newer versions for each mod over time, so as always you're thoughts are welcome, enjoy


► GTK3 - latest gtk3-engines-unico

sudo apt-get install gtk3-engines-unico

Theme installation: Unzip (Autumn-Leaves-Suite-1 .zip) next open and copy folder (Autumn-Leaves-Suite-1 ) to (usr /share /themes) then apply with gnome tweak tool

Extensions: First install included modified extensions from here ([link]).Next copy contents of folder extensions to their corresponding folders at (file system/ usr /share /gnome shell /extensions) or alternately (home/ Ctrl-h/ .local/ share/ gnome shell/ extensions) and restart shell

Wallpaper: Autumn_Brushes by Ilnanny [link]

Icons: Awoken white - 2.4 by Alecive [[link]

Cursor: Oxygen White

Font: Ubuntu
© 2012 - 2021 Astral-1
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Legal, Very well.
Astral-1's avatar
Very pleased that you like
USMC's avatar
Most awesome thing EVER!

I'm actually spending more time on Ubuntu than on my Windows 7 (dual booting). It's like... something I would never admit to my friends lol.
Astral-1's avatar
Happy you like do enjoy and yes i can relate to the dual booting been doing it for quite a while myself. I find gnome shell on Linux distros pretty awesome and with all the extensions being added it can only get better.
ilnanny's avatar
Great work!!!!!!:D
Astral-1's avatar
Happy you approve,you're beautiful wall autumn brushes was the sole inspiration for this mod thanks
ilnanny's avatar
thanks toot you for appreciate my work! :D
foxhead128's avatar
Somehow, that looks very... oldschool Ubuntu-ish. Not trying to mean it in a bad way.
Astral-1's avatar
No prob man,I like seeing things through another's eyes and i see no malice in you're comments. The wood tones,faded leaves and soft white light shining through,do suggest mature(old) grounded natural serenity I believe
pitkon's avatar
Beautiful! I wish there was a *box WM in there... A fav!
Astral-1's avatar
Hey ~pitkon happy you like,sooner rather than later there will be
pitkon's avatar
Great to hear! Then I could feature this in :iconblackboxdesktop: :)
vanessaem's avatar
Stunningly beautiful. Awesome work. :)
Astral-1's avatar
Thanks for the compliments,i have also experience a lot of resonance with you're mods
vanessaem's avatar
Why thank you. :)
mmesantos1's avatar
Stunning work, this looks awesome. :-)
Astral-1's avatar
thanks for the endorsement,glad you like
mmesantos1's avatar
Your very welcome. :-)
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Very interesting & unique.
Astral-1's avatar
~cbowman ma link whats up man,you know i appreciate the input always and thanks for the fav also bro
daskrete's avatar
I don't use Gnome, but love that look and am really looking forward to the GTK themes.
Astral-1's avatar
Appreciate the feedback man, it will be ready in a few
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