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Haumea Artist's Impression v3




download files here!:…


Updated: Adjusted the shape of Haumea and texture features to suit the real dimensions shown on Wikipedia. This update includes a ring texture and the .blend file as well for the best renders = ) the texture maps also include features caused by ring material and cracks on the outer lobes. i did my best to predict what Haumea could be like, and this is nearly as good as i can get without a flyby. enjoy~

Updated: improved colour and bump map. please note that this map is best used on a 3 axis sphere.
i will make a space engine addon available once it finally has that ability..

I love Haumea. got to wonder how such a fast rotation would affect how the surface and internal structure would work. affter working so much on the textures for my WIP solar systems, Pluto, and Charon i wanted to make some artists concept textures of how i imagine how Haumea might look. all we know about it right now is that it is egg shaped from rotating so fast, and it has a red area on its surface. I don't know if it is as red as i have it here though. but who knows.
If i had to pick, a visit to Haumea would definitely be on my list of worlds to see in my lifetime. too bad the focus is on Pluto and mars so much. I bet Haumea it looks completely different then how i have it depicted. i would love to be proven wrong by the real thing!

Use the maps all you like. just Credit me if you can. ^^

Made in Blender 3D and GIMP
© 2015 - 2023 Astra-Planetshine
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you use gimp!?

is it possible to make a tutorial on how you make such good textures and height maps?