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professional writer & game maker: former writer on DC Comics & LOTR games for Warner Bros. former writer on EVE Online. former video game producer for AAA titles.

inflationist: pregnant form. writer: not-so-porn and probably-porn. game maker. social media maven. transgender woman. i break the rules so you don't have to, but its more fun when you join me.



Favourite Visual Artist
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charlie and the chocolate factory, inception.
Favourite TV Shows
buzzfeed: supernatural
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fall out boy, my chemical romance, franz ferdinand, panic! at the disco.
Favourite Books
Young adult, fantasy, and science-fiction in general.
Favourite Games
skullgirls, doki doki literature club, bendy and the ink machine, rez infinite, cuphead, kingdom: new lands
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Tools of the Trade
notepad++ and maybe soda
Hokay! Been a while since I posted here, but a lot's been going on. Let me give you the short version. My wife and I move and left the state of Texas after saving up for over a year this year. It was a hard move for us to make, but we made it after a very long drive with two very quiet cats. My wife was the mastermind of all of this, and I don't know how we could have done any of it without them at the helm. They are my beacon in so many ways, and they certainly were that again here, as we moved. But, as I had began to say, it was a hard and stressful move. Some folks know that I was out of work before COVID hit, struggled to find work during the pandemic, we had a slew of bad events happen in our lives... but we pulled through it, certainly not perfectly, but we pulled through it. But living in Texas didn't make any of that better or easier. While in Austin, a series of laws were enacted by the Governor that specifically targeted the Transgender and Drag communities of the state.
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So, some of you probably saw this coming for a while, but in finalizing the separation between my game development work and my kink modeling work, I have a new name here on DeviantArt. Is the content changing? No. Same stuff you know and love. Pictures. Stories. Less games to boot. The game stuff? That's going other places. It's best to keep my work and what I do here separated. I'll provide more updates as I keep going forward but, for now, less sites to worry about, more photos to edit. ...shit did I take a lot of photos... And wow do I need to do more editing. I'll be back when the editing is done, but for now, welcome your new Curator! My name? Well, it's a Mystery even to me, but you can just call me Mys, and I'll be your maternal librarian for the evening. ~Mys
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Another week, another month, and here we are again, back at the writing desk. A few things to go over this week, lovelies. One of them is very exciting and very important: HEY GROWTHTOBER IS HERE. You know, that time of year when models simply keep growing while attempting to fit into smaller and smaller outfits. And, as I'm a model this year and not just a writer anymore... Let's fuckin' go. But that's not the only BIG thing happening this month. A lot of things are going to be changing around here, and you need to know about it now. Big new changes later this month As my life story continues to change, so too must how I represent myself. While I am always Astra Ebonwing under the mask, sometimes what's around the mask grows, shrinks, or simply changes shape. As part of that, I'm finally doing something I've been planning on doing for a while: splitting my brands apart. The long and short of it is, I'm a game designer/video game producer in my day job. I've been finally honest
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Thanks for the watch much appreciated

Is the woman in your avatar yours? Or is that you?

That would be me, haha.

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