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Hey everyone,

I know some of my Watchers aren't interested in DA Groups and RP Groups, but I've been thinking that my motivation and skills have improved significantly since I've joined a few. Maybe they're not for everyone, but I honestly believe they provide opportunities for inspiration, confidence and collaboration. The first time I joined a group, I felt pretty shy and out of place. It was very hard for me to jump in but I recommend trying it out at least once if you're even slightly interested.

For anyone who loves Pokemon and loves drawing them, I'd suggest checking out The Persephone :iconthepersephone:, a Sci-Fi based Art-RPG with TALKING Pokemon and some wonderfully dedicated people. The group has just hit open-beta but everyone involved, including the team running it, are very open and friendly. Each week, new drawing prompts (a recent one involved Zubatman and I'm scarred...) are provided to inspire members and art is rewarded with levels for your trainer or Pokemon and inventory items. I cannot stress how much love has gone into the creation of this group, including a coded crafting-system/inventory plus hundreds of unique art assets created specifically for the group. If you're interested, head over and check it out. :3

Otherwise, I'd suggest you have a look around for a group that fits you. Don't feel disheartened if your first few groups aren't for you. It's as much about the people as it is the group setting. If anyone reading this has questions or wants to chat, DM me. I'm always interested in hearing people's opinions on groups. XD