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S-O App - Uriel Ware (The Skeptic) by Astra-cat S-O App - Uriel Ware (The Skeptic) by Astra-cat

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Name: Uriel Ware | Age: 20 | Gender: Male | Height/Weight: 6ft’/154lbs | Ethnicity: Caucasian

"He’s a man who will take nothing but proven devotion from his fans. Do you have what it takes to prove yourself true or will you get swept up in his sweet music and icy glare?"

►Rank: Wanna be.
►Talent: Pianist
►Trope: The Skeptic
►Positive: Logical, Truthful, Responsible, Ambitious, Devoted
►Negative: Skeptical, Distrustful, Disorganized, Haughty, Inflexible


Uriel Ware, the skeptic, a man of cold logic who covets evidence and facts above all else. Classically trained in piano from the age of 6, Uriel grew up in a Christian household with his parents, aunt and cousin. Even from a young age, he questioned everything, including his parents. 

At 14, with the support of his family, Uriel entered The Virtuosity Recital competition. He was confident in winning, his parents and teachers had told him how skilled he was; how he couldn’t possibly lose. He did lose, which threw Uriel. Had his parents just supported him without considering his actually skill level?

Uriel pushes himself to practice everyday. He generally has a hard time respecting people who lack in skills or dedication. After dropping his parent's religion, he has become a strong advocate for the scientific method and dislikes gossiping and rumors. Over the years he's become skeptical of everything, even his own talent. No matter how much people praise him, he pushes himself every day, looking for rivals, venues and competitions to keep proving his talent to himself.

Despite his cold-nature, Uriel is warm and supportive to his friends, family and those he admires. Uriel works part-time as musical entertainment at a restaurant uptown and owns two rabbits. He's a very disorganized person when his talent isn't involved and despite having great taste in formal wear, his fashion sense in casual wear is terrible. He's biggest fear, besides losing his talent, is that people aren't genuine with him.

The Meeting:

After playing at a gig in an uptown restaurant, Uriel stepped outside the open door into the warm night. He didn’t spot the man at first, too busy fiddling with his headphones to notice the man approach. Uriel frowned when he finally noticed. Why was he standing so close? At least his black suit was nice. Where had he brought it, Uriel wondered. Strangely, it wasn’t a brand he recognised.

The man flashed a grin before sticking his hand out in introduction. His name was Cody Jackman and he was a talent agent, maybe. He’d heard Uriel playing beautifully through the restaurant’s open doors and windows and had waited to give out his contact details. He wanted to make Uriel famous, far more than a side-dish at a restaurant.

Uriel fingered the white business card as he walked home. This couldn’t be real. Of course, he was destined for more than a restaurant floor but this just seemed too easy. He spent two weeks researching the contents of the white card and found nothing, so he decided to collect the truth himself. That day he travelled into the agency, met with the man in the suit and signed his name off. For truth and fame.

►Likes: Playing the piano, audio-books, shortbread, coffee, rabbits, science+solid evidence, swimming, super-hot showers
►Dislikes: Loud people, ice cream, dogs, strangers touching his hair, people biting their fingernails bragging, gossip/rumours and small talk, estimations and dancing (music should be enjoyed with the mind not the body) 
►Relationship: Single

▼Additional Information:
Voice Actor: Takahiro Sakurai
 Uriel has a terrible fashion sense when picking out casual clothes but he doesn’t realize this
 Has two pet rabbits, Felice and Vivace, who he spoils and left at home. (because we have to buy them. *swallows)
† He's a vegetarian and loves to cook
† Tries to leave his religion but sometimes falls back on it anyway
† He paints his nails and generally pampers his hands
† Falls asleep easily and is a very heavy sleeper
† Uriel also writes music
† Uriel is the kind of person who won’t take someone seriously until they’ve proven themselves
 Uriel was named by his mother, after the Archangel of god’s light.
 His idols are Frederik Chopin, Claudio Arrau, Clara Schumann and Martha Argerich
 Lived with his Aunt and Cousin for 15 years after his Uncle died in a car accident and they moved into his parent’s house.

▼RP Information: Discord, Steam or DA. Scripts, paragraphs (Favourite) or lit. If you’re interested in a method or format that I haven’t mentioned just ask me about it.

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Twsst Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
hes pretty!
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Thanks! I'm so hyped for souled out, although I do feel like my character's bio is quite unrealistic, unlike Makiah. I read through Makiah's Bio and it's very realistic. I actually know a girl who has the same personality as Makiah, is a glory seeker and had a similar upbringing. It was kinda spooky reading it actually. 
Twsst Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
same omg, and Im sure you'll be fine?? Like it looks good to me? Like +1 to his fans cos theres me--

Also lmao- I just kinda made it up but thanks ;v; I was just like, if this actually happened to me - like wtf would I be doing in life to get to becoming a dancer? My only worry is that I cant rp her personality right, cos I tend to go overboard sometimes with the chaos instigating. 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Yeah. I'd pass it, though it's definitely not up to me. XD
Yes! +1 from me! I hope she finds glory and proves herself to the non-believers.

I know what you mean. I created a super judgmental, quiet, dick of a character.
Rp will be hard because I'll want to start shenanigans but that would be way ooc for Uriel...   
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